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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Zombie Love Chat

us chatting about koyok on my stiff shoulder and it went ADORABLE!

Puteri Nurul
sye tgk sye kt webby lme2 kn.. dh cm sye mangsa gigitan zombie...

Topet Hidayat
apa daa
zombie plak

Puteri Nurul
btol kan??? klu sye letak merah2 skit... efek2 darah..
pastu jerit2... zombie datang... LARIKKK!!
gerenti org lari an??

Topet Hidayat
sy tak lari
sy lg dekat

Puteri Nurul
pastu sye tuka jd zombie gak... cmne?

Topet Hidayat
i love u as u r

Puteri Nurul
pulak... mne leh cmtu....
awk kne tembak sye sblm sye serang org len... nnt org len jugak jd zombie....
cm cite left 4 dead tu...

Topet Hidayat
takpe laaa
we die together

Puteri Nurul
no! i need you to stay alive... save human kind...
keep me alive in ur memory...

Topet Hidayat
awk takde
sy ilang motivasi

Puteri Nurul
what about our children??? spe jge dorg....
awk kne jge dorg... jgn bg dorg jd zombie....
save them...
they are the future.....

Topet Hidayat
time tuh anak kite dah besaq dah
pandai2 laa bg ruang utk mak bapak dia happy

Puteri Nurul
happy ke jd zombie?

Topet Hidayat

Puteri Nurul
haiishhh cyg ni... dh jd zombie pown nk lekat...
iloveyou lahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s: zombie love story.... still not as gay as Twilight.... LOL!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

i wonder?

have you ever wonder,
what if Malaysia is like China or Japan?
i mean, like, there's only malay people...
and chinese, indians are just foreign people who happens to be here...
you know, like, only one race... get what i mean?

would there be hak melayu/bumiputra?
would there be racism problems?
would things would be fairer in this country?
evrything is eQual for evrybody?
no discriminations of other races?

would there still be universiti tolong melayu?
would there still be melayu tolong melayu stuff?
would there be stuff like this?
would malay be more independent?

not pointing at anyone or anything....
just, wondering...

would things be different?

Thursday, March 8, 2012


daily internship activity

7:30 : 
wake up, snooze alarm

8:00 : 
wake up for real

8:10 : 
check FB

8:15-ish : 

8:30-ish : 

9:20 : 
wait for Leo

10:00 : 
MAMAK breakfast with the boys...

10:30 : 
studio, on PC, check FB (again), login Twitter, YM, Tumblr, 9gag, YouTube

11:30-ish : 
do job.... with social networking....

2:30 : 
lunch with da boys...

between 4:00 to 7:00 : 
out of studio...

woahh... what thee????

i remembered blogspot was blocked in MAC3...

so.. i dont remember signing in.... so....

how the heck was in LOGGED ON on this PC????