Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bestie Marriage Proposal Surprise!

for the 1st time in my life, iv seen a real life marriage proposal.
the sweetest thing ever!!
from our all time lovey dovey couple

Khalis actually made the plans with us to surprise his future wife.
i was so excited, i was afraid that i'd blew our cover.

he got on his knee after a video play in a electronic store,
took out the ring and asked, 'will you marry me?'
omg i just died!!

Ima was flustered, stuttering, blushing!
i feel so happy for her!
she was (and probably still is) smiling all night through.
and Khalis, man was he sweating (out of joy?)

to think,
sweet guys like Khalis give a very bad impression towards the other guys.
and there goes me...
"why cant you be romantic as he is?"
how obnoxious, but hye, one cant help it.. ;p

good going Khalis and congrats guys..
love u both ketat2!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

who said?

who said and agreed that our world now has advanced when in some part of the world..

ban women and girls to receive education?
forced child marriage is still active?
starvation still prevail?
religious war still going on?
men still thinks women are useless?
children are still ignored?
slavery are still going strong?
the law are still weak?
mix racial marriage are still frowned upon?

who said?
who are we to say that?

i am thankful that i am born and raised in a modern country.
sure there's corruption here and there,
but compared to other countries,
im thankful.. :)

im in a position that is able to offer help to others.
no matter how small the aid is,
never forget that
"the simplest gesture is able to heal a life of another"

Thursday, July 25, 2013

lazy ass to the bone...

i just lost count on how many times in my life have i referred to myself as fat and lazy. and still, there just isn't much effort or enthusiasm in me to actually pick up the ass and lose weight. of course i did jog and done Pilates... but none of em actually maintain at least 3 days... goner!! im not really a patient person, so kind of expected fast results. if it isn't working, im done. major problem..

and my boyfriend,
i know how much he loves me and met well about myself. but he... (sob sob) would always complain if i eat too little. its like,

i think i'll just have the mushroom soup and salad.

what? no! have a proper meal! order rice, NOW!

i love you so much Cayang, but... why???

of course, partly my fault for ordering too much sometimes, but i could at least have it take away and eat it later, don't force me to eat it! coz it'll end up, me having a super bulge under my shirt, and its not the boobies... :(

also, im so unmotivated to do any exercising activity, especially when im alone, or fasting (this month). i would just stuff food in my face, complaining how big my thigh is, or this tummy, or my butt or this cursed double chin, and still cant get the freaking up in the morning. YES, I CANT GET UP I THE MORNING! why? COZ I CANT SLEEP AT NIGHT. i'll end up sleeping by 6 or 7 am (after sahur) the waking up in the evening like, 3 or 4 pm... how am i suppose to help myself if im like this???

my unhealthy option was taking Dulcolax (laxative meds) to wash out my stomach everyday (means, pooping diarrhea on purpose). it had me feeling good, and happy when i go on my scale, but then i realized, of course this thing/method would have a side effect. so now, i seldom take em, sort of.

my weight now is 55 to 56kg.. my aim is 50 to 51. need to shape up!!! >,<

p.s: i know i can do it if i just put my mind in to it! no more fatness man!! enough!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


how my parents reacted the first time they met my boyfriend.

how rude... im decent enough ok..

p.s: just finished watching Lovely Complex... a simple yet heartwarming anime.. LOVE!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

silly Questions that made me smile (sort of)

if im a type of flower, which flower would i be?

hmmm.... a rose.

hmm? a rose? the ones with thorns and all? why a rose?

because of the colour. its striking, just like you. striking and cheerful.


ok ok... another silly Question.. if i were a type of food, what would i be?


(i think i know why... but...) why?

obviously you know why...

(this rotten son of a gun....) seriously??

what? i like pau. warm and easy to eat.

im gonna take that as a sweet compliment... 
ignoring the fact that its partly perverted... >.>

p.s : roses has been always my fave flower...
p.s.s : and iv always been called siew pau since high school...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

disney dream

if i were born with
BIG eyes
button nose
pink lips
fair skin

i'll be freaking disney princess by now

but im not... duhh??

sad story of my life..

p.s: im loving the adult Hiccup!! cant wait for HTTYD2!! :))

Friday, July 12, 2013

POPPED from my wishlist!!

thank you mr TH..
VS BombShell loves!!!

great graduation gift!!


a butterfly~~

p.s: this post's purpose was to mislead you from reading the article below, so, excuse yourself and enjoy the mother freaking butterfly... thank you.. :)

Public Massacre

tho.. the title might be abit misleading...
thus, what i did cud lead to one (not literal tho)..

my whole life, in any relationship...
i have never... i repeat.. 
been soooooo embarrassed in my whole entire life!!
thus.. i'v unintentionally did it!!

omg... i was so upset..
in fact, im still upset!

i know im probably exaggerating,
but the humiliation was too great,
i feel like digging the cement floor and hide in it...
the shame was to big for me...
oh my god!!
forgive me love..
im no longer a lady..
i hv scarred my gracefulness before you.
it wasnt on purpose, i promise!!
oh god! the shame!!!!!

p.s: i farted infront of my bf... it was so awkward, i cant let him live to tell the tale...

p.s.s: no... i didnt kill him.... i just slapped him unconscious...

p.s.s.s: no... i didnt.. i lied... he's still alive.. coz i love him so much...

p.s.s.s.s: i wish i did tho....

p.s.s.s.s.s: please enjoy the butterfly above... thank you... :)


ombre hairs are so chic...
im dying to dye~~~~

p.s: the agony of wanting!!!!!!

p.s.s: damn tumblr girls!!!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


"Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul."

- Charlie Chaplin in a letter to his daughter, Geraldine


you just gotta love her..
she's brilliant and funny..
grrl crush!!

p.s: she's RayWilliamJohnson's gf... that midget guy from =3

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Salam Ramadhan

happy fasting to all my muslim friends...
chase lailatul Qadar
perform your terawih as often as possible
prevent from picking your nose and ears
dont forget to sahur

and most of all,
fasting is the time to repent from your greediness... 
dont gobble and waste too much food ok?
(self reminder)

p.s: dont nap away all that extra time u have ok?

Monday, July 8, 2013

i am...


note for you

dear sweetheart,

you made me cry,
you made me laugh,
you made me angry,
not to mention you made me mad!

you made me curious,
you made me smile,
you also made me worry,
you made me yours.

to me,
you're not perfect.
but you're forever wonderful.

thank you for sharing your journey with me,
thank you for letting me share my journey with you.

Puteri Nurul

energy overloaded

it has been 5 days since we've finished shooting, since i hd a job... now im totally overloaded with extra energy that's keeping me from being hyper to sluggish. i better do something about this.. but what? i was thinking of hitting the gym or go on swimming but doing things alone is just not me.. and procrastination has totally took control of me.. oh bother~

now, im only waiting for my last 2 payments, so i can pay my bills and buy my essential needs to survive (the fact that im staying with my dad.. but hey, still need to get personal stuff right?). already listing down the things and people i need to pay, stuff need to buy and need to be done with for this month.. not that anyone care.. except for the ones receiving from me.

also.. already need to plan up my hari raya. its high time for me to give other duit raya already. by 25, its already at the stage of embarrassment if i were still to receive anymore duit raya...

mai gawd peepol!! cant you see that i hv boobs big enuff to breast feed someone already??

anyway, the fact that i hv to give out duit raya, i tend to hv this dilemma of who to give and not to give? of course, i hv to give to my mom and baby sibbies... but, i hv this mix feeling of giving out to people that will be coming to visit, other family members and kids... i dont think i have enough income to give em lot, but i dunno if im fair or not. putting that aside, my baju raya will be recycled from my graduation abaya... that beautiful abaya, and already have the shoe, also recycled.. saving alot more than usual.. lucky me! and this year, i told my mom, not to bother much of informing others that im coming. singapore is as equally as hot as malaysia, so i dont wanna end up sweating with melted make up everywhere. i wud like to just stay home and stay under my ibu's armpit... hehehe.... also, kinda of my way of avoiding "le question".......

p.s: oh well... back to blogilates... hiyahh!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Tiny drops on Friday

it has actually been along time since iv enjoyed random blogging. i was pretty much occupied and hella freaked out since graduation.

now that the future is now, my life as a rebellious adult is over. my only concern is not 'how to get a job'.. but actually.. 'what the hell am i actually good at?' and also 'what level of confidence must i have to actually apply a job?'

those are my doubts.

true, that i had a job with my dad, but that is only a temporary job, a freelance job.. as a filming crew, a continuity girl. how long am i suppose to stay like this. i need a career, not a job. to actually pay my bills AND to help me survive my future.

tough world out there.

So today, im spending my Friday over a friend's house. my house was to quiet and lonely, only waiting for my sibbies to come and visit. i miss em.. i dont really show my emotions... but yeah, i miss em alot... and ermmm, spring cleaning need to be done, my house is a wreck!! though, i always keep my room clean. tee hee...


im seriously am amazed of how long our relationship is..
for as far as i can remember... 
my longest relationships previously only lasted 3months..

thus, i can nvr get bored of you, and how i wish you will nvr get bored of me...

eventho we're together for 2years plus...
but.. we shared our stories for over 6 years already~

and now,
 we'v already talk of weddings, family and home...
but still be a friend in my life.. :)

thank you so much for your love.. 
i wish nothing more but you..

p.s: iloveyou


how many times in your ADULT LIFE..
have you forgotten to take the towel with you to the shower..
only to realized it, half way through the shower?

i've done it alot of time... >.>
bravo derpette~

p.s: luckily my room is only beside the toilet...

how i wish to...

paint my nails

colour my hair...

but mr. Boyfie wudnt allow me to...
he said he has doubt in the products..
whether it is halal for prayers or not...

just to make it sound sweet..
"i prefer the original you.. black hair with clean nails..."

gahh!! i lost~

p.s: i still wish i could... >.>

Demi Dia


our 70 days of battle on the drama field has ended... fuhh... toughie~~

the challenges we faced thru the job was unbelievable... heheh...

thank you guys... we will meet again sooner or later... :)

now, watch Demi Dia on TV3 (Akasia) every 7 to 8 pm... :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

drained but ok...

oh boy... 3 more days to go till i'll finish this shooting job...

im drained but... gotta move on...

3 months...
almost 3 months of work...
even in the weekends...

alhamdulillah.. :)