Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shooting again~

today, ended the 3rd day of shooting...

JOB : Filming
FILM : Drama, 24 episode
TITLE : Diari Azura
CREW TITLE : Continunity (Conti)
DAYS : approx. 67 days

wish me luck... :))

Friday, April 12, 2013


evryone else
"OMG!! gained 2kg!! need to workout more!!"

"OMG!! gained 2kg!! need to poop more!!"

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Children unheard?

i turned on the morning radio, and the morning topic was
"Should children be seen but unheard..."

in my personal opinion,
i think they should be seen AND HEARD...

my summary?

this phrase has be let out since forever and im not sure where it came from, but, what im sure is, it is going on in the entire world, western and eastern. it shows how human race neglects their young ones. no wonder most riot were done by young people, coz the elders refuses to listen.

sometimes, the best questions and solutions are from children, as their imaginations, creativeness and knowledge sponge is so strong. true, that they may go wild, but it can still be filtered, disciplined and guided, not neglected. listen to them, they might listen to u back.

how would you feel when u are unheard? injustice? unfairness? rebellion? inferior? yeah... we all hv been there, no matter, present or the past... so why do it to the young? help them to be wise, to think, to be more practical in thinking but creative.. its no use to follow the ancestors ways.. it is sometimes immature and wasteful. 

the peacefulness of a country may depend on them.
the advances progress of a place may depend on them.
the future creativity may depend on them
the future innovations may depend on them.

no. it may not depend on them...

it is ALL depend on them.

cherish them. LISTEN...