Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Monday, May 31, 2010

Something for students to ponder

New semester

The first week

The first month

The second month

During the mid-term test

After the mid-term test

After all assignments were done, before the final exam

Once know the final exam schedule

7 days before final exam

6 days before final exam

5 days before final exam

4 days before final exam

3 days before final exam

2 days before final exam

1 days before final exam

A night before final exam

1 hour before final exam

During the final exam

Once walk out from the exam hall

After the final exam, during the holiday

p.s: friends.... i know this happens to EVRYONE ok... ;pp

p.s.s: rePost from Afya... so cute~

waiting for my night rainbow

dear rainbow,
i miss you. i havent seen you in awhile now. im busy in the day, so, please come out at night. i'll be waiting.

with love,

i wanna be a musician!

*grammar error*
*i used to dream to be A musician*
*pardon me*
*my english sux to begin with anyway*

yeah... no future in that...
though, i do write lines and poems..
so, can oso what???

p.s: drawing inspiration, Nadia Hanie.. ;)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time

Not many word to describe this movie..

wow... a great movie!!
the story was great..
the beau is HOT!
the beauty is GORGEOUS!

just awesome n cunning!!
i love his sarcasms..

well, seen her in Clash of the Titan
i immediately love her..
she's beautiful with her mystical features that matches her stunning erotic voice!!
i just love the voice!!

good movie that i wont regret watching it again!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tate Tate~

Morning destination:
Zoo Negara

*i love the zoo*

Night Destination:
Dya's BbQ Party at dya's house in Kajang

super fun with
Eno, KakTasya, Saiklop, Azila & Azira, & Nadia Farhanis... ;))
*food was good*

p.s: i'v been going out alot lately... haishh....

Friday, May 28, 2010

KakDewi's Language

Kaklong, nanti kite beli baju dress awk kt dorothi *lidah kne kuar ye* (Dorothy),
Pastu, jgn cari baju kain katun (cotton).
Klu lapa, nnt kite beli susi (sushi) kite serr (share)
pastu kite mkn ka (kat) rumah.

*more to come*

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It Hurts

right now at this exact moment...
im missing you terribly...
my heart aches so much, it's hurting me..
it feels like she's gonna explode coz there's a little gnome throbbing it...
this sucks...

please make me feel better...
thank you...

Monday, May 24, 2010

i got my Diploma

as we all know, graduation day is always a big day for a student.
no matter if its
Kindergarten, HighSchool, or University...

and today,
all my important people in my life attended my big day..
Ayah, Ibu Sri and Ibu Aliah
*super best*

*my pretty women*

*daddy dearest*

also a bonus
i also met CheQin with her Mom n Dad
and also
Cayang and his Mom n sister
it was super wonderful

* aunty Saadah with Cayang*

*makcik Nom with best Buddy CheQin.. ;))*
*Her cookings are the best!!*

what's better was when both of my Mom insisted on meeting cayang's mother and they had a light chat... it was nerve cracking, but evrything ok la... since, they end up sharing embarassing baby tales of ours (cayang and mine).
*also, i soo... dont rmmber sharing catfood with a cat, ok ibu...~~ >.>*

*Congratulation Buddies... you guys made my Diploma years Magical*

p.s: also, thank you to makyu n ibu sri for coming up for me from singapore.. im so happy to be able to make you guys proud... ;))

p.s.s: wait for me for degree lak!! ;DD

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Love do Vomits

i never thought that
saying the three strong words
would be a lie
but i know
we can wait until it'll be the truth.

i pretended that the sparkles in your eyes
is actually saying something to me
telling me that you would stitch me up
for good.
but it was just reflections of the sun and the sea.
and i was mesmerized.

its always nice to know
that everyone that knows you
called you amazing.
but i called you, mine.

i only see you.
so dont blame me if i kiss anybody else.
coz i ONLY see you
everywhere i go.

i vomited today
with words of love
that i wanted to say to you long time.
what a waste.
so, i scooped all my vomit and pour it in your drink.
you drank it and now, you are under my spell.

Chillin my crack off

yesterday, i slept at the UMSC hospital...
to watch over my baby sister
(who just went to an opertaion to remove her tumor from her gums and tooth).

its her 3rd operation,
and my 1st time being with her
(coz, most of the time i was in Perak)

its good to see her doing well now,
tho, she wont be able to eat drink properly for the next 3month.

Kaklong pray you well kay, sweety?

i love you.. ;p

p.s: the hospital was so DAMN cold, wasnt be able to sleep until 6.30am.. >.>

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma

We went out for dinner to celebrate Grandma's early birthday.
Miss grandma so much!!
i may be going to melaka with her...
Randomly Jalan~Jalan there... heheehe...

plus, i ate alot... as usual la..

xtau nk tulis ape dah.. too full...

i love you!!

happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Listen to what you are saying.
Think before you talk.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


alot of things happened to me at night today..

dinner n movie with dad
(watched Furry Vengeance)

Hang out at Dahnia's house with Dahnia, Yaya and Lokman
(watched P.S I Love You halfway)

Mom picked me up and at home..

3 of us..
(Ibu, Unca Zekri and I)
had midnight card games
*and it was fun.. really... been awhile since i play cards*

Thought, it was kinda sad when i
accidentally, unintentionally, not purposely
ignored my cayang almost the whole day...

im so sorry hunny...
i didnt mean too!!
boo hoo...

p.s: i love you.. ;)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mother

It's hard to remember
A summer or winter
When she hasn't been there for me

A friend and companion
I can always depend on
My mother
That's who I mean

I've taken for granted
seeds that she planted
She's always behind every thing

A teacher a seeker
A both arms outreacher
My mother
That's who I mean

Wish I could slow down
The hands of time
keep things the way they are
If she said so
I would give her the world
If I could... I would

My love and my laughter
From here ever after
Is all that she says that she needs

A friend and companion
I can always depend on
My mother
That's who I mean
My mother
That's who I mean... that's who I mean

p.s: i love this song so much, made me cry, missing my mothers...

Happy Mothers Day to The Most Wonderful Women On Earth

Sri Asmarani

Winner of Strong Heart Woman Award!

Taught me to be powerful, defensive and independent!

Nor Aliah Lee

Winner of Beautiful Soul Woman Award!

Taught me patiences, kindness and trustworthy!

*actually they taught me alot more, but, these are their strong point la.. ;pp*

Mothers Day Pictures, Images and Photos

i have the best women in the world as my mothers..
how lucky can i get??

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My bibik made me drink jamu....

Rawr Pictures, Images and Photos

just to be sure i'll live a healthy and great life...
bibik gave me *JAMU*
and she always feed me with Air Sirih (Piper Betle Juice)
which is

yeah, i love you too bibik....

yada yada

Quote Pictures, Images and Photos
*true enough*

*im addicted*

*do help me*



PMS funny quote. Pictures, Images and Photos

whenever im going to have my period,
weird mood swings wud come n strike me..

sudden sadness
bad temper

alot lah...

and the sad thing is,
the only victim always kena target is my Cayang..

haish... sory Cayang...
i didnt mean to... >.>

its just that, it hurts
and when i have my mood swings,
u'r always ignoring, unintentionally..
mmg kena ar....

so the moral of the story,
when a woman is having her PMS
dont make her mad....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Troublesome Brat

*i really do*

Such a neck strainer...
never in my life, wud cross my my mind to just let u live ur petty life!
im so angry with her spoiled attitude when what everybody wanted was just the best for her.

oh, is this how ur pay ur gratitude towards us??
by showing how ignorant n selfish you are??
to think i'v heard alot about u, my ears bleed and i could really die from blood loss because of you.

im so tired of facing everyday in my life with ur stupid attitude that nobody understands.
what's ur life motivation dude??
what's up with you??

cant you feel or even see, that what were doing is for your own bloody good??
you only got a few months more to go through and you just cant wait??
what's wrong with you?

this why i, or anybody else that cares for you, NEVER like your companies...
your so called friend??
cant you see, that they're ruining you??
and you let them run your life for you??
you even throw your OWN family and try to make their's yours??

you think we never stood up for you,
well you know what,
its because you're just IGNORANT!!

im tired to stick around to a bunch of people and explain your stupid actions,
you're just a kid!!
you're still in school!!
dont go around showing all HIGH AND MIGHTY
because that's just stupid...

you said, your own family just dont understand you,
its just because you dont understand yourself.

if you think we ignored you,

if you think your friends are true,
to my observations and stories,

if you think your friend would stick around for you,

if you think we did it because we hate you,

if you think you're smart,
use your brain and

we're doing this because we love you, we're a family.
we've seen you your whole life, and we do know that you've changed.

please think wisely.
you're smart.
do it because you love us all.
because we all really do love you.
we would happy to admit it.

p.s: she used to be my BEST gossip buddy and i'v lost her. please bring her back. i miss her so much.


*cute mochi*

just now, i went to the curve to buy some Subways and Bubble fr movie night, when i came across a stall that sells mochi.

its cute, powdery and twangy...
obsessed with Japan..


Monday, May 3, 2010

End of Semester 1

tonight will be the last night for me to be here in Puncak Perdana...

i've made through my 1st semester as an Animation student...
it was tough, adapting to a new environment and all..

new frens,
new food ( i mean, new style la..),
new classmates,
new life (with cayang)
new campus (which is near to home)
new lecturers
new teachings
new and new and new..

though, i still keep in touch with the old ones
main campus not very far anyways.. hehe..
so yeah...
still in touch..
though, it feels like, im far from them now..
i used to know what they gossiped about,
or what's the new agenda and stuff...
but, now,
can only get updates on Facebook..
how pathetic is that..

although im far from being associated with you guys,
thanks for still keeping in touch guys..
letting me sleep over,
holla me over for lunch/dinner..
warghh!!! i miss u guys!!
graduating party????

my current friends,
they're ok..
sort of different, but ok...
kinda lovable and annoying..
cant wait to spend more time with you guys next sem...

so... ok...
happy holidays.. ;pp

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*cuti!! here i come!!!*

im blogging, not entertaining...

Angry Geek Pictures, Images and Photos

so stop comparing!!

its annoying tau!!

nobody's cares on who gets more followers lah???

*childish much*

p.s: so what if im a loser? u dont own me..