Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Heroins ;)

*Sri Asmarani Bte Masra*
*Ibu Sri*

My Biological Mother...
Eventhough im far, but she never ever ever abandon me!
Far yet caring!
True to her heart!
Faces life challenges as if it were games!
Strong woman in heart n physically!
(my gangsta lady ;p)


*Nor Aliah Lee Bte Abdullah*
*Ibu Aliah*

My StepMother
im not from her womb but im important as if i am!
(no such thing as a Cinderella stepmom, ok)
Super caring and cautious!
Strong heart!
True to herself!
Takes life seriously!
Beautiful soul and self!

They are my Heroins in my Life..
They are my Examples to be a Woman..


p.s: I love my Mommys

Monday, March 22, 2010

1st Comic From Taufik Hidayat

*it was forced, tho*

im very delighted to say that this simple but cute comic book here is
my very 1st comic book that cayang bought for me!!

Sayang Awak!! ;p

Sunday, March 21, 2010

13 Messages

When i fell asleep last night, i received 13 funny but wondrous messages on my hp, that made my morning beautiful.

"yyg! i love u so much!"

"i miss u damn much!"

"u r my everything!"

"ure the one for me!"


"awk tido tinggalkan sy!"

"tido memisahkan kita!"

"mkn manyatukan kita!"

"uitm menemukan kita!"

"takdir mengkonfemkan kita!"

"puteri mengangau kan sy!"

"once upon a time! taufik met a princes!
the princes make taufik a wierd feeling!
taufik was confused about that feeling!
but, he likes dat wierd feeling so much!
he enjoy spending time with the princes!
suprisingly, they got so many in common among themself!
one night!
taufik finaly realize dat the weird feeling is actualy called love!
taufik is in love with puteri!
in the other word!
i love u!
so muchy much!"

"good nite my sweetheart! i love u n sweetdream!"

awww... ur so sweet.. i love u so much cyg!!!
im so in to you!!

p.s: an eye for an eye, a heart for a heart~

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Emo Boys

*so true~ ahaxx!!*


Math Homework for Kids Today

Check out these crazy kids do their maths homework..


p.s: wish i was this lean~ ahahaha!!!

Cayang got a wacom~

*see how much i want u in my life?*

My cayang has a new toy...
a Wacom..
now, i bet he's gonna spend half of his life now on it within the next 1 1/2 months..


hmm... cant blame him tho... he's been bragging about wanting one since ever..
Cayang.. play well ya... n dont forget me...

i love you~

p.s: i want one too~MySpace

Aunty Sarimah & Uncle Richard

*my Kidnapper Family in Singapore*
*owez kidnap me wannn*


ok... today i went to KLCC alone... to meet up with my Aunty from Singapore..
believe it or not..
my 1st time went to KLCC using public transport ALONE...

cool... for me la.. considering its my 1st time... alone.. out there.. in KL... which is big... and scary... for me la....



ok... so as i reached KLCC.. i went searching my aunt at da food court on da 2nd floor.. i couldnt find any familiar face there as i made my rounds there, almost to 6 to 7 times..
i tried to reach her by phone... alas....


fortunately, i received a late msg, telling me that they were on da 4th floor instead.. so yeah... i almost cried when i saw them... Uncle Richard gave me a hug then...


so, since i starved my whole way to KLCC, they stopped at a Thai restaurant to pack up some fried rice at SS2 PJ...

After we had our rest stop at Aunty's house at SS2 PJ, we went to Sunway Pyramid..
evrybody were craving for Subway Sandwiches.. since Singapore's Subway isnt Halal...

and i made new acquaintance... a 15-year-old girl, Aifa...
a companion of Lee&Dee of Singapore...


oh ya.. i forgot to mention... Aunty gave me a whole collection of funky clothes... i mean, the 90's clothes... real cool.. ;p

ok... then, Aunty sent me back to campus in P.Perdana...
We hugged n kissed...
& and said our goodbyes...


whatever it is...
she packed me these awesome midnight SNACKS!!!

*this is kerang goreng*

yumzerzz.....with garlic & shrimps with a pinch of curry flavour.... oughhh....

*this is floured calamari*

hav to eat this while its hot~
dip it with thai chili sauce... yumm~

*This is beautiful* *THE DURIAN*

1pack contain a whole durian...
n i ate all of them...


OK... I love You
Aunty & Uncle!!!
not forgetting

Kak Julie
Abg Wan
Abg Zam
and whoever i met tonite..



p.s: i miss my mommy~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


*this is the study chart*

the random stuff i do...
sorry Cayang~


Draw Him~


I miss him so much~


i made a drawing of him!!!

*Taufik Hidayat.. i think??*


im not really good at drawing life figures..
im trying...

Thursday, March 4, 2010


The Random Things I Do When Im Bored...

*I miss my siblings...*


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wrinkly Palm

*this is what happen when i had contact with water for more than 3min*

it hurts, annoying and not pretty...
what's da cause, guy???