Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dream about the Beach

i had a weird dream about the beach last night
so, here goes...

i was going out from the hotel (alone) that i spent with my family,
(not any hotel that im familiar with, really)
to think, to hv a dip in the pool.
but, i saw the ocean infront of me and was tempted to go.

so, i shower abit before going there,
but to my surprise,
there's this huge... sand buildings at the shore,
preventing kids to go to the sea
(maybe coz of safety per-cautious)

but it also preventing me from going to the sea,
so i went inside the sand building,
only to find out there are different levels and windows inside.
so i went to the top floor, bottom floor...
n i thought,
if i dig my way to the sea, maybe i can get thru,
but it wud be dangerous for the kids,
so, i went top floor, thinking of jumping into the sea.

but, as i went to the top floor,
just before my attempt to jump,
apart of the building (including my part)
suddenly shudder n move..
to my surprise, its like a train!!
roaming around the sea within the few perimeters
looking in the ocean so red (becoz of the setting sun) n transparent

and kids on the same building as i am
was laughing n waving at people ashore..
it was sort of fun and magical..

when i woke up, to think what i dreamt about..
i ask myself...

how did the sand building float on the water??
100% sand!!

it seems my level of imagination hd just leveled up.. ;))

Saturday, September 25, 2010


its important to accept a defeat as a defeat.

if a person had nvr experienced the emotional impact of defeat,
he neither learns how to stand back up after he falls nor how to move on.

so cry as much as you like.

But when you're done, stand up and move on towards the future.. ;))

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Location: Rent House
Time: 8.45pm

Kak Ben
i love oranges.

I love pears better.

Kak Ben
Do you know oranges actually good for you?

Full of vitamin C?

Kak Ben
Not only that. When i was younger, i use to buy alot of oranges and made my lips juice red n my skin pinkish red... ahh... but i dont have enuff money anymore after that. so i turned pale again.

Really?? *interested*

Kak Ben
Yeah, its true...

i wonder if i eat oranges, it can make my skin red? but i hv tanned skin? can you see if its red or not??

Kak Ben
what i meant by red skin is, it makes your skin healthy.. not turning you to red..
its good for the blood circulation... understand?

oooo.... i thought, it'll turned u red...

Kak Ben
no, Puteri... no... >.>

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p.s: craving for Buah Kedondong... ermmm... ;((

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sex Spams??

why do i get this alot in my ym?
i mean, did i set my gender in ym as a male?
this is so sick, especially when it happens TOO freQuently..
i dunno if the ones adding me are my friends or not..

funny thing is, always women...

what am i feeling?

was falling yet flying
was swimming yet drowning
was dreaming yet awake
was happy yet sad

what was i thinking?
heck what i thought
i was half awake, half asleep.

your "no" makes me happy
yet in so much doubt

am i wrong or am i right?
then again,
what's so wrong and what's so right?

common sense
what's common sense?
is it what other's think that shud be done
or the right thing that shud be done?

follow my heart or your head?
follow my head or their heads?

a virus or an antidote?

you got your answer right
or did you?

so happy yet so scared
wanting more what shud be less

am i stubborn?
am i wrong?
im not so sure..

why is something so simple
is so hard to understand?

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*this drama of mine is suicidal*

Monday, September 20, 2010

i gotta get going before the sky falls

That day, oh the playground
we laugh without a reason
on my journey to pick up the pieces of my love
for some reason, im always so lonely

i gotta get going before the sky falls

everything in reverse and im searching for YOU
evn tho we're nvr gonna arrive
standing under the bridge, borne on the waves
we'll always be looking for an answer

a rainbow comes after the rain goes away...

a lie is never told
neither the truth

a picture speaks a thousand words
but, are the words
lies or truths?

dont sell your sorries
im just a beggar for mercy
i got no wealth to buy ur sorries
just to gain some sympathies

need not words of denial
need not snake eyes of envy

let my crying heart sleep on a wet pillow
let it shallow down drops of clashing crystals

time may heal
but my time has died
broken arrows... broken arrows
damn it..

never tell a lying truth
never smile from a lie

a rainbow comes after the rain goes away...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Location: in a taxi, on the way back home...

Sha'amin, Hailisya, Hazuwin
(so rowdy n noisy)

ok... if you guys shut up... kakak tell story..

Sha'amin, Hailisya, Hazuwin

ok... once upon a time.....

(Sha'amin kept listening, but Hailisya n Hazuwin fell a sleep)

...and they live happily ever after.

waa.. very good lehh... *starts asking Questions*

(later we reached our destination)

Baby (Hazuwin).... Isya (Hailisya).. reach oredy... ;))

hmm?? (mamai)
you tell story so nice seyh...

But you were sleeping??

ngeee... ;D

p.s: so cute!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Someone Once Told Me

Someone once told me,

but, always remind myself that,
not all green grasses are unoccupied.

So, i pack my bags up
and start climbing up faith
just to feel the pain of tumbling down

no use of crying...
no use of sighing...
no use of cursing ur legs for not being strong enuff.

get n keep climbing
to take a peek on glory
just to find sad stories of anxiousness

someone once told me,
but i only see black sands...

My Syawal 2010

super happy complete family:
Sri Asmarani
Puteri Nurul
Fitri Hailisya
Ayu Hazuwin
Muhd Sha'amin

This year Syawal, i've booked my looks for Saloma..
but... abit failed la...
so hard to get the 70's looks..
especially those beautiful eye makeup..
the hair, didn't get the time to do the curls...
so, i was thinking of doing the beehive (sorta la)
but my mom was like,
" your hair is so long, n heavy n stubborn.. its impossible to keep it up.. especially on hot humid days like this".
...give up...

loving my kebaya..
huhuh... was so attracted at the kain songket
and loving my heels!!
(that's my cousin bobo)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Against Nature

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when a hunting dog saw a doe n fell in love,
it know,
it wasnt worth loving the doe..

the predator love the prey
a love against nature's way

they decide to break the way,
and evrything when against them and threw them away...

how to overcome this fate so pure?

*something i read in The Zahir novel.. kept me pondering...*

fool proof (a proof that im a fool)

remember the night my tears fell
and my heart was broken apart
that's when u came to me
you say that you want me
under falling rains of november

you were everything to me
still everything to me
but i lied to you
saying what's not true
nothing to do with you
im ok, im fine

i dont wanna see you frown
wanna see you smile forever
dont wanna see you cry
when you hear my glass heart shatter
im fool proof
proof that im a fool

in the evening nights
i watched the star but was gazing at you
i heard your voice so very near
the northern winds brought it here
so close, i felt your warmth
too close, i heard your smile

dont fret much
our memories arent fading,
tho, im slowly closing
i wont lie one bit about how the sky flies
how the sky flies

i dont wanna see you frown
wanna see you smile forever
dont wanna see you cry
when you hear my glass heart shatter
im fool proof
proof that im a fool

yes.. i admit it
im a fool for you....

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


it comes n go.
appear, disappear and reappear...
but it will nvr go away if you run away...

its like an angry dog.

if you run, it will chase,
if you face it, it will go,
if you pat it.... either tamed or bite you..
there are few choices...
yeah, nobody can know for sure..

but 1 thing for sure,

yurp.. hard..
how to overcome it?

cry.. cry all you want...
smile... smile an honest smile...

be sad if ur happy being sad
dont pretend to be happy
coz pretending to be happy
will make others sad

dont sell cheap tears
coz its a crime to buy sympathy...

cry... an honest cry...
ask for a hug, for its the best glue for bleeding hearts

smile a pure smile
the best medicine for injured memories

communication between hearts is important

always trust Allah
for Allah listens to all wounded love soldiers
and cure them lovingly

sing merry melodies
dance to a pleasant tune
forget the world around you
coz you are on the center of the world
be a performer
you're a star
tell your stories of feelings

Mommy Gave Me A New Phone

wow!! new phone!!

well, this may not be the most updated phone,
but this phone was given by my mom (ibu sri)..
and im not that much of a techno gal... simple n all..

so, this is already complicating enuf for me..
but much better than my sis's phone,
that "die" in evry bump i made (literally)

its not easy for her to get me a phone
(no, she's no stingy, to be exact, NOT STINGY AT ALL)
so, i'll appreciate this gift my whole life..
thank you ibu.. i love you so much..
*hati bunga-bunga*

model: w690i
Sony Ericsson touch phone.. ;)
(i prefer sony than any other models)

Funny Thing in Ramadan

its funny for us Malaysian as we go to foreign countries (specifically Singapore).. for the Muslims to be able to eat, drink, smoke freely in public.... and after that, to shop for raya preparations... i dont really mind if the people who dont fast are women, coz frankly, we women do know that we hv times in the month when we arent able to fast or evbn pray.. but... for men??? explain please?? period ka??

yeah, i know, back in Malaysia, it was against the law for muslims to eat publicly.... but, even if the country dont hv that law, hv some shame in yourself... respect others who fast... or evn, go eat somewhere with no muslims or only minor of them... atleast we know, u respect other fasting people...

haishh... plant some morality...

dosa pahala tanggung sendiri....

jangan la g makan minum kt bazaar ramadan/ geylang (place for people shop fr raya preparations)/ at cafes near by where people waiting for buka....

hmmm.... *think about it*

*i didnt fast today either... ahaha but, i hv "that" excuse*

*and i didnt eat at places with muslim people walking around ok...
(tho, still public la.. just trying out.. getting the experience.. ;p)*

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sing Me A Raya Song Please.. ;)

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so sleepy oredy..
this raya will be celebrating in Singapore and Bentan Island in Indonesia.
(Bintan? Bantan? But definitely not Batam)

so in case i wont be onlining that freQuent (as if i am now)..
i wanna take this chance to wish evryone of my frens..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 02 Pictures, Images and Photos

any mistakes or ill-manners i made towards anybody..
i would like to apologize outer and innerly (maaf zahir batin la tuhh..)

and love to wish everybody a happy Raya.. ;))

i love you


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Nom Nom Nom

so much for having a perfect body (or so) fr raya..
been gluttoning since last week...
oh gosh....

what's up with this people serving good food evrytime i turn??
its torture!!

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ok ok... few days before raya left..
its not too late Puteri!!
still able to fit that snaggy dress you just bought..

recent event in muh life...

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not really like this...
but yeah...
poop happens...


Dont You Think Its Annoying When...

you hv so much to blog about but when ur got the chance to blog it...
you hv no idea what to blog...
over nothing...

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