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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dream about the Beach

i had a weird dream about the beach last night
so, here goes...

i was going out from the hotel (alone) that i spent with my family,
(not any hotel that im familiar with, really)
to think, to hv a dip in the pool.
but, i saw the ocean infront of me and was tempted to go.

so, i shower abit before going there,
but to my surprise,
there's this huge... sand buildings at the shore,
preventing kids to go to the sea
(maybe coz of safety per-cautious)

but it also preventing me from going to the sea,
so i went inside the sand building,
only to find out there are different levels and windows inside.
so i went to the top floor, bottom floor...
n i thought,
if i dig my way to the sea, maybe i can get thru,
but it wud be dangerous for the kids,
so, i went top floor, thinking of jumping into the sea.

but, as i went to the top floor,
just before my attempt to jump,
apart of the building (including my part)
suddenly shudder n move..
to my surprise, its like a train!!
roaming around the sea within the few perimeters
looking in the ocean so red (becoz of the setting sun) n transparent

and kids on the same building as i am
was laughing n waving at people ashore..
it was sort of fun and magical..

when i woke up, to think what i dreamt about..
i ask myself...

how did the sand building float on the water??
100% sand!!

it seems my level of imagination hd just leveled up.. ;))

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