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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mommy Gave Me A New Phone

wow!! new phone!!

well, this may not be the most updated phone,
but this phone was given by my mom (ibu sri)..
and im not that much of a techno gal... simple n all..

so, this is already complicating enuf for me..
but much better than my sis's phone,
that "die" in evry bump i made (literally)

its not easy for her to get me a phone
(no, she's no stingy, to be exact, NOT STINGY AT ALL)
so, i'll appreciate this gift my whole life..
thank you ibu.. i love you so much..
*hati bunga-bunga*

model: w690i
Sony Ericsson touch phone.. ;)
(i prefer sony than any other models)

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