Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Aunty Bibi's Xmas Interview

Aunty Bibi
How are you?

im good, why?

Aunty Bibi
no la.. just ask what...


Aunty Bibi
Kaklong, how old are you now?

17 i guess...

Aunty Bibi
hye!! dont take my age la!! im forever 17 okayy..

ya la.. ya la.. im 16 la... hahahah!!

Aunty Bibi
hahah.. but seriously la.. 

24 la... going to 25... sob sob..

Aunty Bibi
no la... u just oni turn 24 what...

ya la kn...

Aunty Bibi
got boyfriend ah?

haa?? yeah...??

Aunty Bibi
got ah? who??

Topet la..

Aunty Bibi
still with him arrr?? waahh.. confirm laa???

what?? u think we broke up ah? after u called him topup la, tompel la.. hahah!!

oh my cute aunty Bibi... ;p

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Falling - Broken Riffs (MTV DEBUT)

Broken Riffs


mtv idols:

enjoy our assignment... ;)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Broken Riffs

Alhamdulliah... we've done with MTV production.. woohoo!!!

thank you ViMo Production team...
thank you DikAre
thank you 9
thank you abg Nasz
thank you Pairuz
thank you Fak
thank you abg Ramdan
thank you Denel
thank you Sabah
thank you Leo
thank you all who came to help us, but name not mention here...

last but, obviously not the least...


you guys are AWESOME!!

p.s: MTV video coming up soon... :))

Thursday, December 20, 2012

in my calendar

hectic days ahead...


13: Directed Studies Submitting
14: MTV Presentation
17: Final Review Thesis n Project
19: VIVA
21: MTV Submitting
25: XMas
27: 3D and VFX Submitting
28: Finishing School
29: Finishing School
30: Finishing School


7. Animation Showcase
8. Animation Showcase

p.s: pray that i'll succeed in all of these... amin... :)

Honey and the Bee

"Honey And The Bee"
(feat. Breanne Düren)
Don't remind me
That some days I'm a windshield
And other days I'm just a lucky bug
As cold iron rails leave
Old mossy trails through the countryside

The crow and the bean field
Are my best friends but
Boy, I need a hug (boy, I need a hug)
Cause my heart stops without you
There's something about you
That makes me feel alive

If the green left the grass on the other side
(I would make like a tree and leave)
But if I reached for your hand
Would your eyes get wide?
(Who knew the other side could be so green?)

Don't remind me
I'm a chickadee in love with the sky
But that's clearly not a lot to crow about
Cause when the stars silhouette me
I'm scared they'll forget me
And flicker out

I taste honey but I haven't seen the hive
Yeah I didn't look, I didn't even try
But still my heart stops without you
There's something about you
That makes me feel alive

If the green left the grass on the other side
(I would make like a tree and leave)
But if I reached for your hand
Would your eyes get wide?
(Who knew the other side could be so green?)

We are honey and the bee
Backyard of butterflies surrounded me
I fell in love with you
Like bees to honey

So let's up
And leave the weeping to the willow tree
And pour our tears in the sea

I swear there's a lot of vegetables out there
That crop up for air
Yeah I never thought
We were two peas in a pod
Until you suddenly bloomed
Then I knew
That I'd always love you
(Oh, I'll always love you too)

If the green left the grass on the other side
(I would make like a tree and leave)
But if I reached for your hand
Would your eyes get wide?
(Who knew the other side could be so green?)
If the green left the grass on the other side
(I would make like a tree and leave)
But if I reached for your hand
Would your eyes get wide?
(Who knew the other side could be so green?)

And if I reached for your hand
For the rest of my life
(Who knew the other side could be so green?)

p.s: love this song, simple and sweet.. yey Owl City... :))

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


half way towards graduating...

half way there..

mou sukoshi, nee... :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

little black rain cloud~

I'm just a little black rain cloud
Hovering under the honey tree
I'm only a little black rain cloud
Pay no attention to little me
Everyone knows that a rain cloud 
Never eats honey, no, not a nip
I'm just floating around over the ground
Wondering where I will drip 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

silly me

pretty messed today...

submittion today from 9.30 to 12.30


yesterday: at fac from 10.30am to 11.00pm

home, feeling damn tired

"guess i shud take a nap 1st..."

look at the time... 1.30 am...

naptime estimation : 2 1/2 hour : will wake up at 3am..

percentage of work for submittion : 85% (mostly, the tedious parts)

woke up... WHAT THE MATH!!!! 7 AM!!!!

Class starts 9.30.. maybe, will be ready at 10.. alil late, but better than never..

*type type type*


*shower shower shower*

continue.. *type type type*

WARGH!!! 10.15!!! DONE!!!

gone to neighbour's house....

nak print please? ok.. thank you.. :)

*print print print*


*rush rush rush*

climbed to 5th floor

*weeze weeze weeze*

got it!! run down again...

wait... where's the rest of the document...


climbed to 5th floor... again....

*weeze weeze weeze*

down again...

got to class... phewwhh!!


i guess, im going home now, need to adjust my thesis... oh wait...

where's the doodle paper that my supervisor made remarks to correct my thesis?


climbed to 5th floor... again.... i cant take this anymore...


go..t..... i..t...........

result: knees shaking, sweating like a pig... bought 2bottles of greenteas, half naked at home, facing the fan... 

p.s: im dead beat... will start thesis at 2.30... supervisor at 4pm... on the 5TH FLOOR!!! URGHH!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

let me swear in Malay...

ha.. elok sgt la tuh!!!

time keje belambak cm haram...
time tu lah macam2 bende nk jadi...

  • computer nk lagging la... (berhabuk teruk sgt kowt)
  • anti virus expire la...
  • software xleh install la...
  • tenet slow nk mampos la...
  • ade video awesome la...
  • deadline makin singkat la.. (lecturer ubah2 date suke hati mak nenek dorg je)
  • tibe2 ade lak finishing school time tgh busy... (ni lg satu lect gile)
  • dwet lak short sokmo...
  • 9gag memanggil lak.. (ok.. tu salah sendri)
  • VIVA dekat gile (xpaham npe nk wat awal2 sgt?)

WARGH!!! apsal sume ni??? npe la dorg ni xmake sense lgsg??
amende la... sem lepas xbg nk tarik subjek.. sem ni (final sem) pakse students sume amik smpai 5 6 subjek..
amende ni???

in real world.. xde nye org nak amik 5 6 job dgn deadline singkat2, rapat2... gile.... budak baby pown tau la camne... adoii... ni kes aniaya ni... seriously~~

im in my freaking final sem, and to be hving 6 subjects?? gile hape??
and student animation, core subject Music Video???? WTF??
ape la kaitan MTV dgn Animation? aplikasi AE? animation??

bro?? AE pown korg letak part 6... nk apply mendenye???
padan la 4 org je lepas part 6... yg len sume haru biru.... sbb silibus gile nk mati...
agak2 la... weyh.. gini gaya.. rindu gile en.Ezwan... he understands us more than you artsy fartsy wannabe...

p.s: dont say we'v never brought this matter up.. we did.. but.. we were shun away.. (nanti la~ nanti la~)

Monday, November 26, 2012

drain as a ditch

2more months to go....

i dunno if to be sad or happy?

that i'll be ending my studies in universities....

if i were to take my masters... it wudnt be anytime soon...


busy busy!!

that im actually toning my body unconsciously.... LOL!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

i wonder...

if he isnt afraid of losing me?

Happy 2nd Anniversary

i'v gotten myself into a bad fight with him today... which i dont think its entirely my fault.. that insensitive vulgar of a boyfriend... >.>

but as last year due, 14 November of every year, will be the day when he n i reminisce the silliest (but beautiful) day of our life...

this year, will blog about what i understand about him, within these 2 years...

  • no doubt, he's an ULTIMATE Virgo... which means, very ego...
  • he's never stingy or selfish about knowledge or hobby...
  • not sure if he's just being a man, or he really does like to piss me off...
  • his MAJOR sarcasm is too annoying and it only happens to me (he's very tolerant to others tho)
  • he cares, tho he rarely shows...
  • he's NOT romantic...
  • very childish...
  • very moody...
  • he has big dreams... and willing to do anything to achieve it...

well, thats for this year... tho there's alot more (but since i hv asgmnt due today..)....

p.s: i hope he remembers today... :(

p.s.s : i love you taufik hidayat... 

Thursday, October 11, 2012


as the clock strikes 12...
Cinderella left the palace...
accidentally left one of her glass slipper behind...


at exactly 12AM just now...
epic BF called.. wishing me...

aww... thank you sweetie pie...
iloveyou epicly disastrously nonsensely so much...
that its just too unreal but.. real...



meanwhile in FaceBook...

let the scrolling begin...

p.s: hmm... another year to be 1/4 of life... >.>

Sunday, September 9, 2012

snip snip shorty~

like it?

i love it!!

haa... weightless hair, is back again.. fuhh!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Birthday Boy

6 September 1988

a Dragon Virgo turned 24!!

hunny bunny goochi moochi teddy bear snuggie wuggie cutie pie


Wish you all love and luck for life,
and i pray for your wellness and prosperity.. 

may all ur dreams come true and stuff...

iloveyou so much!! <3>

p.s: real happy to see his smiling face today as he receives my gift... ;))

Victoria's Secret BoomShell

i love
i want
i need


where is this sorcery?

i need one... >.>


besides FB, Twitter, Whatsapp and all...


y'all know what this is...

follow me @ puterinurul88

alot to share, alot to woo~~

Back from Singapore

Raya in Singapore?
Stupendous!! ;p

miss my mom so bad...
been sticking to her like GLUE!!

  • also, happy to see the rest of my singaporean loves...

  • Alhamdulillah get to meet my lovies Lee&Dee

  • Syukur to Allah, my cousie Bobo has a baby gurl... <3 li="li" nbsp="nbsp">

  • At the age of 24, being black and beautiful... still gets DuitRaya !!

  • Hectic 2nd raya, raya-ing up to 9houses in ONE DAY!!!

  • and of course, had ALL OF MY CRAVINGS!!! <3>

p.s: LOVE Y'ALL!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

impatient much

others responses towards ones relationship

as friends
so, when you two are going to hook up?

as couple?
when's the wedding?

as married couple
when are you two going to have kids?

after one kid
when are you going to have another?

after long time
what? you two are still together??
(this one, only some dodos will say)

p.s: chill grandmas of all kind... hvnt you heard anything called adapting? going slow might just be a good idea... >.>
p.s.s: also, there's this thing called, planning... >.> 
p.s.s.s: Quit rushing people... adoii!! >.>

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


ma daddeh saed tat ma inglish es bed..

weel, i saed...

well actually, 
some of my english on type are typos...
some are purposed puns...
i seldom misspell (coz there's autocorrect)
some are becoz its in short terms (acronyms of whertever kind)

but at times,
i just dont give a sh*t

and the reason of me writing mostly in english,
mainly because, i hv penpals and 
i would like to keep them updated in a language they'd understand

i mean,
how would you feel when u hv a penpal,
and said, "hey, check me out on my FB, Twitter, Blog!"
and evrything is written "$%*%^)%%!#%$#@+"

its just my way of saying
"i love to be your friend, 
and i want you to be updated with what's going on with me.. :)"

p.s: besides, even if my english is bad, its not wrong for me to practice right?

Monday, July 30, 2012

our name's the same

My sister came to the Emerald condo and the guards made a security call to my house for confirmation.

hello... are you expecting a visitor named.. Puteri Nur AsyiQin

Puteri Nurul
ah... yeah...

ok... can i hv your name ma'am...

Puteri Nurul
owh... its Puteri Nur....

ah... no ma'am.... your name...

Puteri Nurul
ha?? (blurr)

yeah.. YOUR name....

Puteri Nurul
ya la... my name IS Puteri Nurul Fatehah

oh!! your name is Puteri oso ka... ok2.. thank you...

p.s: trolling 1st names... LOL

Friday, July 27, 2012

educational programs

one fine evening, i was trolling in my house, when i saw my sisters (the younger ones) were watching TV. so i decided to sit with them. They were watching iCarly on Nickelodeon, and i was like, 
"what on earth are they watching?"

so, i decided to change the channel, even when it was (strongly) against my sisters wish. They were whining and sulking and whine some more, while i rapidly change the channels, searching for something i wanna watch and something beneficial for the kids to watch as well. and i stopped at Discovery Channel, showing a documentary of the wildlife and nature. 

my sisters, who was whining earlier stops and was literally mesmerized with what's showing on TV. they were like,
"kaklong, why does the alligator keep their mouth open all the time?"

"Why are the lions fighting?"

"why isnt the lions are like us, like having 1 king, 1 queen, and princes and princesses"

"i wish to go snorkeling in one of those blue oceans"

"what a beautiful natural caves.."

"why are the gorillas look like us humans, kaklong?"

"why would they want to destroy this place to make a hotel?"

"why are the komodos bite poisonous?"

i tried answering as many as i could, and i really could feel that they were enjoying the channel.

to this point, i realized that, we could help the younger generations by watching educational channels WITH them. of course on the 1st or 2nd attempt might be hard, but, sooner or later, they will shower you with many Questions that they could ask, out of curiosity.

to my guess, children obviously would be attracted to animations and the imaginations of cartoon world. but too much of cartoons might be contagious and bad for the logic side of the children's brain. help them build some sense of morality and love by letting watch educational channels, and it doesnt necessarily be OH! My English or SPM or PMR revision channels

lets start by mesmerizing them with the beauty of the world. let it be Discovery Channel or National Geographic or Animal Planet. But remember to be there for them, help them understand with what the program is all about. Let them be entertain with the world greatest gifts. 

Rather than exposing them to the latest hit music or some TV show about pregnant teenagers, or these shows that shows nothing but mere nonsense, just to keep them Quiet.

Make watching TV one of the Family Time program in the house. it'll be splendid... :)

p.s: its nice to be the eldest sister... ;)

named after me??

abg Janggut was one of my friends during film shooting last year..

he was nice, kindhearted, firm and sometimes scary...
but he always buys me milk during break times, almost everyday

he recently had a newborn baby girl 
(his second child)

and he named her,
Noriez Nurul Fatihah

inspired by me

aishh.... im TOUCHED!!!
really!!! really!!! really!!!

i pray that baby Noriez will be a happy, kind and healthy baby.

what she sees

when my sister sees a cat

when my sister sees a dog

when my sister sees a baby

my sister being....
just herself

p.s: poor iQin... >.>

weird sounds?

people (mostly my friends who's always close to me, literally) often seems to realize an odd attitude of mine, or so they say... but then, it seems i cant even detect this "behavior" they're talking about...  eventho its really about me...

they say, i always (yes, oddly always) make a weird exhaling sound...

according to them, the sound they heard from me was rather erotic, sort of.. urmm... how to say this... urmm... horny? yeah.. some what like,

mhh.... mhh.... mhh....
(again, according to them)

but the weird thing is... i SERIOUSLY am not aware of this...

at 1st i was like...
no i wasnt...

but, as many people were asking the same Question over and over... then i was like...
for real??

i mean, really... how can I make a sound that I myself couldnt even be aware of it? its just too silly? right?

they say, i usually produce (produce... that's funny... pffttt) this odd sound during my Quiet times, like, when im focusing on my work, or watching tv, reading books, playing Baby PC... but, even so, when they caught me making that sound, how couldnt i evn realized it?

p.s: so weird....
p.s.s: and i wasnt horny at all ok????

Monday, June 25, 2012


me, visiting the doctor coz of flu~~

hye there, long time no see..

hye, it has been awhile since i last visit you, isnt it?

yeah.. it has been.. *checking records*... a year!!


you rarely get sick, dont you... ;)

i... dont.... >.>

there's a saying:
"idiots rarely get sick...." >.>

p.s: ouch~
p.s.s: i hate flu

Sunday, June 24, 2012

am i....?

hye... am i.. fat?






Anan, Leo, Denel
sangat (very)

in conclusion,

p.s: but if i go on a diet, will my boobs shrink?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Krabby Patties

i totally LOVE youtube's cooking channel, Feast Of Fiction (Major OTAKU)...

and i tried the all famous, 
from Spongebob SQuarePants cartoon...

yey!! ;p

cooking fail

they say, fastest way to a man's heart, is through his stomach... in my case...

Friend #1
you cooked this?? awesome!!

Friend #2
OMG, you'r so creative!!

Friend #3
This is delicious.. even experts cant beat you..

Friend #4
you should be married now, girl!!!

Friend #5

yeah.. ok...

yeah.. ok...

yeah.. ok...

so, with that respond... im not really sure now... >.>

are my friends all about flattery.. or its him being a derp...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Old Bunny Sunny

kisses for my LOVE

 Puteri Ain
so cute!! NYAA~~

p.s: he's old but still lovable.... my good boy... :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Topet Andre??


answer : NO.... >.>

p.s: yes, part of my family members calls my boyfie.... Tompel... >.>

kids this generation~

whenever i say,
"kids this generations...."

i usually meant


Hipster, Platypus/DuckLips, Bieber/Gomez/OneDirection Fan...
yada yada yada..

not to mention her superbly annoying attitude
supersensitive singing dancing whining arguing lil'missdiva 24/7
(sorta reminded me of someone when she was younger)

but, undeniably... 
she's gorgeous...

and she's my sister...
SyaBee <3

p.s: i bet her fave song now is "call me maybe" and "boyfriend"


. . .

been there... and... still there...

atleast i know im nicer.... pffttt!!

p.s: annoying prettier-than-me sister... bweeekkk!!! >,<

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scenarios in my head

what usually going on in my noggin~
  • super anime adventures (digimon, cardcaptor sakura, kingdom hearts)
  • Garden theme weddings
  • Having a child and walking him to school for the 1st week (married)
  • making bento's for hubby and son, and rewarded with cheek kisses (married)
  • having a super awesome home with lovely neighbours (married)
  • having my own single room, decorated by tumblr
  • going to Japan, laying down under sakura tree
  • Super world travelling!!! (Japan, Korea, NZ, Italy, Britian, Easter Island.....)
  • living in the middle of nowhere, grassy meadows and wild flowers, goats and bunnies, birds, green hills. blue sky... you get the idea....
  • cuddles.... :3
p.s: ofcoz, for now~~

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sweetie Me

if i were a type of sweet...
i wud choose to be Chocolate Mint! 

i love chocomint!!

How To Troll Racist Guys

i had a fun time...
trolling an old fool... 

but it is also nice to know that there are also nice people in the world... ;)

p.s: even kept my manners and restrain from using vulgar words... ;p

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


im the type of person who easily forget things....

when i was younger,
i always forgot to bring home my bento, homework, pj shirts, pencilbox and all...
and my mom said...

"if you could unscrew ur arms and legs, i bet you'd forget them too..."

come to think of it...
i seriously think, i could.... >.>

racist or just stupid?

this is exactly the problem with people nowadays.
shallow, stupid, jerks and just plain ugly...

i hv like, literally, lots of fact to correct him there,
but he was probably too arrogant (and dumb) to admit it,
so, kinda no use to argue no?

and really,
i just ended up trolling... and if he believes it...
nuff said..
(still going on tho)

p.s: i wudnt say malaysia is an entirely peaceful loving country much, but seriously, we dont eat people, cats or dogs... hahaha!!

p.s.s: fyi, im not the only one arguing with this douche... try and see...

Monday, June 4, 2012


some people misinterpret marriages in some way...
in my assumptions, mostly thought its all about,
  • love
  • possessions
  • money
  • heritage
  • babies (well, of coz its about babies...)
but they also forgot that it is also about,
  • religion
  • commitment
  • passion
  • struggle
  • togetherness
  • babies......
for some, i dare to say that, Hollywood really influence our lifestyle and beliefs... traditionally and spiritually... but of course, feelings are too, important in a relationship... to build trust and love towards our future spouse, but really folks? must we bury the need of 'movie romance' in reality?

think about it! mostly ladies..., those unreal chick flicks and soap opera you guys are watching. you really think people are like that? have you forgotten that its only entertainment? that is why, you are entertained, am i rite? im not against people who has dreams of endless romance and true love, but to be very very keen on getting exactly like one, you are definitely scaring people away...

for example,
screaming and ranting how good guys didnt want you, whereas there's alot of nice guys you'v friendzone. arent you being too picky?


crying and gossiping about how your boyfriend is sooo insensitive when he bought you a burger when ur on a diet, when u didnt even gave him the clue of you dieting? (guilty as charged)

you see, from this stage, people are already being judgmental, wanting a perfect relationship and ranting here and there.... its not wrong to choose the perfect spouse, coz u'r the one who will be living with the same person for the rest of your life.. but with this 'drama' attitude, im not surprise with the DIVORCE DRAMA literally evrywhere.... and also why people eventually turn homo....

talking about choosing a spouse, sometimes, parents are at fault too.. me, as a Muslim woman, we believe that marriage is Allah's blessing upon us. He gave us a path where 2 people meet and trust each other. and when marriage is brought up upon discussion, what men (and sometimes women) fears most is the Dowry. parents sometimes put the dowry price too expensive, making the men, either too scared or work hard but takes too much time... it may also a sign of parents disagreement of the match, but, wud it be nice if they were to be more rational? this kind of... threat.... is being a trend to parents nowadays and it is also, to show off how VALUABLE their daughter is... educated and polished and all... like diamond, or so~~ what they really didnt see, how the daughter vie for love and affection of being committed in a marriage... that is how 'forbidden acts' happens (one of the reason, anyways)...

also, marriage is actually about 2 people bonded with each other for all their lifetime... not how grand the wedding is or how tall the wedding cake is... not about racing to be 'Wedding of the Year'.... it is as simple as uniting 2 people together in a proper and halal manner... so personally, wedding events are just a way of telling friends, family and neighbors that you are married and happy.. that is all... its like celebrating 2 people's birthday at the same day... i said 'LIKE'! it is also fine to only fulfill the wajib stuff of marriage.. not hving a wedding ceremony, nobody's judging, but if they do, let them... it is only important when he said, "aku terima nikahnya......" and you being forever happy and content...

"aku terima nikahnya...."
that will be THE most romantic thing a man can say.

i understand that getting hitched only happens once in a lifetime, but which matters most? having a grand ball worth thousands of Ringgits? or the thought of successfully achieving being with the one you care for, for the rest of your life? there will always be anniversaries, and birthdays, and can also hv a pretend wedding again, partying with friends and family (creative, no?)... you will have hunnymoons and babyshowers and babies... and alot more to celebrate in life... dont hv to be too eager or competitive of having a GRAND wedding.. be humble and moderate.... and those xtra cash? keep it and buy future house appliances... well, unless you hv REALLY REALLY nice parents and friends, giving you xtra sponsors for a GRAND wedding... congratulation, you must be a really nice person... :)

so, in this extremely long post (considered long lah)... i pinpointed 3 things about marriage, Reality, Dowry and Weddings... which is, i think, THE most important issue in this matter. whatever i ranted about, i may be wrong, i maybe right... im not saying im totally right... evrybody has their perspective in life... this is only apart of it.... it is really up to you to think about it or not... hye, its a free world in that head of yours.... :)

p.s: ranting until 9.45am??? get real lah Puteri?????


im the type of person, who'll constantly hv new friends evry year or so~~
but really, it doesnt mean i forget the old ones...

my fault, im not really the one who'll constantly, freQuently call or ask my friends,
how's their daily lives been or what are they up to... 

but really,
as long i know that they're on my love list, hvnt forgotten me yet, im fine...
as long as they'r still saying that im their friend, then, they are...
as long as i know they're there, im ok...

just for you to know,
no matter how long we hvnt converse...
when i get to meet you, you meet me, again....
we will still be, like we've nvr been apart...

its not that i dont care...
im just the type to shut up if i dont anything to talk about...

p.s: FYI, my family and boyfriend is pissing off too, with this particular attitude of mine...
p.s.s: must'v got it from daddy... seriously  >.>

daily mirror

i live my life wonderfully, daily, 
so by the end of the day, i can look at the mirror and say

Thursday, May 31, 2012

bed face?

Puteri Nurul (Me)
do i look weird to you?

Taufik Hidayat
you look like you just woke up, 
evrytime i see you without make up...

Puteri Nurul (Me)
and.... you still want me?

Taufik Hidayat
i do... just dont make it worst... >.>

Puteri Nurul (Me)

p.s: me and my messy self... ;p

Thursday, May 24, 2012

next time is no time

what does it mean when you met,

12am, 2am, 4am, 7am, 8am, 10am, 12pm and 1pm? :

it means,
you'r damn lazy to pick up that head from that pillow and do ur asgmnts evntho presentation's coming. urghh!!! kept postponing the time!!!

im f**hed!!


its nice to hear people saying that our relationship is the most stable one ~

as one always say:
every compliment is a du'a

1 year and 6 months
longest relationship im in so far...
(before this, i'v only maintain max at 3months)
(which means, im freaking serious with this one)

In Syaa Allah,
i pray for our JODOH to be stronger and blessed in each second,


frankly, i feel empty here. and im sure of myself that im not the type of person who would have trouble adapting in new places.

i'm here for almost 2 1/2 years and still, this place seems to be a stranger to me. there's alot of things that i dont know, and weirdly, i dont even bother to know. maybe coz, in this place, people seems to take their own business personally too much... maybe coz, there's no such thing as tolerance here, let alone love and warmth.

its kinda sad to say that, despite my long being here, i dont love this place at all. except for my classmates and certain nice people here, i just cant find the urge to love here. specifically, i would want to blame the hierarchy of the campus, but then again, it wouldnt be too fair for me to judge (thus, one cant help judging if there's too much coincidence, right?).

i'm kind of tired putting on a fake attitude, just to be part of the faculty. Being a hypocrite, pretending to like the system and all, its just too tiring. no wonder few of the most potential students here quit. i quite understand now. i'm lucky to be part of my (isolated) course. being new (course) to the faculty, others seems to (kinda) neglect us, as new comers. judging us coz we werent from here since diploma years. but for me, im kinda glad that im not from here, or else, i would be brainwashed with the system here too, making me like em... its not that im accusing em being rotten or anything like it... im not here to judge, but like i said, (one cant help judging if there's too much coincidence).

i miss my Perak life. i would lie if i'd say we never had any hypocrite times, but it was for the better and things turned out lovely. that's right. its all because we love each other and we cant afford to see em getting hurt coz we were too frank. some things are best when kept pleasant, coz its not about how hurt u felt in the past, what matters is how u'r feeling now.

say im childish of talking about love and warmth and all, but, why are we studying so hard, trying too hard to be professionals if one cant fulfill the need of the heart? i wouldnt wanna work on the field, feeling fake and discharge. if being too stressful is making you look professional, then, excuse me for wanting to work "coz i love my work". 

right now, i (doubtly i'm alone) just wanna finish my studies here and be done with it. 

p.s: excuse my rant. i just needed a time out~

Damn Lazy

Just another chatty dinner night with classmates.

Danial Uzair
Eventho we hv very few classes for this sem, this is the toughest one so far.

Puteri (Me)
wanna know what makes this sem tough?

Danial Uzair

Puteri (Me)
Coz we only have 1 class this sem, so we cant blame "other" classes when we werent able to finish up an asgmnt. we are just too god damn lazy to get up and do it, and the results are still last min work. also, we took too much priority on our side incomes, we forgot our actual asgmnts. true?

Danial Uzair
*Long Pause*
Seem legit.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Woman of Degree

congrats my darling Shawty~ :)

u are now a woman of DEGREE!!
Fret not of the troubles troubling in ur troubled mind..
for your future isnt troubled at all...

be at ease and i promise evrything will be fine...
again, syabas very2 much!!

forever my true derping friend
forever my shawty

sayang awk

Friday, May 18, 2012

Man of Degree

Congrats to my Hunny Buns for his recent graduation...
finally done with his Degree in Graphics..
and received 1st class... yowzers... pretty awesome...

and that's my man... ;)

Congrats la... can only afford a rose for him...
Praying for his happiness in the NEW WORLD
*hint hint*

supportive family, he has.. ;p

and i have to admit,
i was super attracted on how sexy he was 
in sleek and leather shoe, tuck in shirt and tie and all.
(instant meltation, seriously)

again, im super proud of you, me love!!
and pray for my best so u can be proud of me too...

and always remember, i got ur back... ;)

p.s: gomo gomo nooooo... ;p