Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Friday, December 30, 2011

Xmas 2011

a week late post but still.... ;p


as usual... Xmas...
a day filled good food, presents and more good food...

my Grandma gave me a white Handmade scarf
love it so much!!

and there was durian under the christmas tree...

and a time of laughter and that sort of stuff...
there's actually few photos of the xmas event... but i didnt get it yet... so, nvm la...

the memory is great... :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

u said this... then... that....

one day, you yelled,
"yang (yayang), buy me a drink, ok?"

and i replied,

and bought you one of my fave,

and you went,
"eww, yuck!! you like this drink?? it tastes weird!!"
"you and your exotic taste bud... >.>"

but then....

one day, i yelled,
"cayang, buy me a drink, ok?"

and you replied,

and you bought US my fave,

and i asked,
"i thought you hated this drink?"

and u said,
"change of taste... ;p"

p.s: yeaahhhh.... riiiittteeee...... ;p

Saturday, December 17, 2011

best dating spots 101

the Arcade

(kicks some badarse and race our hearts out!!)

p.s: and i still love parapara ;p

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


im the jealous type...

i get jealous when my mom said she got an "anak angkat"

i get jealous when my dad treats his wife more than me...
(duh factor)

i get jealous when my stepmom dowan to layan me and layan her hubby instead...
(duh factor)

i get jealous knowing my siblings got "kakak angkat"
(some loser b*tch thinks she's a better sister than i am eyhh??)

i get jealous when my boyfie talks to other pretty, nice girls 
and does a better job than i do (workterm)
(duh factor)

i get jealous when other people get better "toys" than i do... >.>

im the jealous type...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Milk Secret

when i was young,
i had these 2 problem in life,

i hate my skin color
i hate milk

people who know me may be surprise now..
"no way?? put hated milk??"

seriously yeah...
and how did i turn to love milk from hating it?

funny story...

u see...
my mom (ibu sri) was having a hard time making me drink milk,
(something about me hating it since i was a baby..)
(and i do recall drink milo instead of milk frm a bottle)
but after she knew how i hated my dark tanned skin,
this is what she told me....

"if u wanna be fair, u hv to drink white drinks, like soy drink or MILK..."

and there you go...
tricked for life...

since then, i LOVE milk!! 

p.s: and soy drink, and taufufa...
p.s.s: and i dont hate my skin color now... its BLARDY RARE YA KNOW!!! ;p