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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things Im Gonna Do...

before semester break
  • sleepover at CheQin's college
  • hangout with Ayu n Proff n Eno n Epi
  • Date with Cayang
  • Settle bills and payment and move out of the house
  • look for new house for September intake

during semester break
  • cook assam pedas for ibu
  • part time job @ curve (maids cafe) or One Utama (anywhere)
  • side jobs (anything to do with industry)
  • short holiday (singapore, pahang, penang, melaka)
  • rampaging the kitchen
  • do my driving license
  • make kitty jumpersuit for myself
  • make an animation or comic
  • ignore 3D the whole holiday season....

  • pizza
  • subway
  • sate
  • nasi impit with kuah kacang
  • durian
  • oyster fried chicken
  • chocolate cake
  • steak
  • IKEA meatball
  • daim cake
  • lasagna
  • whatever i make
  • and on and on and on and on and on~~~~

its a 4month break... i hv to do something.... >.>

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dream about Zombies

i had a weird dream about zombies last night..
and it goes something like this...

I was one of the few humans who survived Zombie-disease, which kill you n revive you again, but with rotting bodies... 

adopted by a family of zombies, whom i think didnt realize i wasnt one of them, i was asked to accompany 2 little zombie boys (supposedly my brothers) to buy some apples. so i went out, in the middle of the night, with the streets half busy (zombies cant stand the sun.. they'll dehydrate fast).

so, by accompanying them, i learned that, good is bad and bad is good... evrything about this world is upside down. like..
  • work at night, sleep during days
  • rules are bad, breaking them is good 
  • fresh is bad, rotten is good

get the picture?

so in this case, 2 of my "brothers" were choosing apples and one was like...
"hmm... this apple is half bad... i want the most rotten ones..."

and the other "brother" was like...

so, while "brother" 1 was choosing regardlessly, my other "brother" was like, being wishy washy, as if he wanted to get a good fresh apple instead.. but to avoid being teased, he took the rotten one still.

but when he took a bite, he was like... squishing his face of disliking but uttered the other,
"emm.. good."

so i turned around and rummaged the apple basket and found a sort of fresh looking pear. the seller said that, that's a bad buy, but i just bought it anyway, and gave it to my other "brother".

he took a bite and was mesmerized by the taste and said, "sweet".

and we all went home happily...

i dunno what's the point of the dream... but... its one of the dream i remembered... so yeah... ;p

Hot day in Australia

 it was 120 degree in australia in 2009... 
and these koalas were trying to cool down...

This one was trying to get some shade in someone's house...
and was found out by the owner, and gave it a bowl of water...

aww... bless ur heart sir/madam... ;)

must be too hot eyh?

this one was asking few bikers for a drink...
aww... i'd do anything to get stopped by a koala by the road...

again, bless ur hearts guys... <3

*please sir, its hot... im thirsty....*

"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened."

Youtube Earth Hour Switch

i dunno... 
i just thought its cool... ;p



p.s: i like Hara from KARA... she's cute.... korea lesbo-ish crush... ;p

Monday, March 21, 2011

i want to give hope

Recent earthquakes in
Japan n Pakistan

War in
Libya n Egypt

Forever hungry children in

All trouble in
all over the world
past, present, future

i hurts my heart to see people love ones dying and at major loss.
and im just freaking sitting here comfortably,
yapping about how stupid 3Ds software is (but it's stil stupid),
and how hurtful my body condition now,
and how unmanagable my life is...

whereas out there,
people are dying from coldness,
children are dying from hunger,
teenagers of my age shot by soldiers,
babies crushed by falling bricks,
pets and animals being ignored.

im so ashamed of myself...
of how ignorant and selfish i am..
to still complain about life 
when others out there are at their worst.

i wish to help...
more than praying..

i want to WILL donate more
i want to WILL volunteer
i want to WILL give hope
and see bright faces
 as my contributions can help save more people and animals...

there's no time for racism, culturism (such word meh??), or whatever.
we're all living beings on earths.

let us all help.
give hand
give hope
give chance to better life


i feel like


all in the same time.
dang it!!!

anytime soon, im going berserk!!


p.s: that somehow made me feel better abit... fuhhh...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

if i am, then you are

if im a monkey,
then im a maggie.

if im a tree,
then im minced meat.

if im a computer,
then im hungry.

if im a doll,
then im cooking maggie.

if im a cd,
then im (totally ignoring me).

(later, phone beeping)
im yours.

p.s: me purple, him blue... ;p
p.s.s: <3

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dream Pets

yeah, we all hv dream pets...
but mine went abit.. extreme... but realistic....

i love animals since forever...
and these are (yes... ARE) what i dream to have...

(mainly since cubs.. ;p)

(they look so cool, especially the small green leave snake)

(i love them on my shoulders.. and they were next to the snakes)

(i want the white ones.. which is pretty rare... but they'r just SO lovable!!)

(especially the small ones.. like Abu from Disney Aladdin)

(well... we share the same interest.. MEAT!!)

(no influences from Harry Potter, instead its from Winnie The Pooh ;p)

(cunning they can be... but they'r so playful)

(they'r good companion know.. ;p)

yeah... i know... madness... >.>
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tony Buzan

It was a GREAT honour to attend Tony Buzan's Talk.

Tony BuzanImage by jaycross via Flickr

Who's mr.Buzan??
he's the one who invented mind mapping...
(or so i presumed)
Mind-map showing a wide range of nonhierarchic...Image via Wikipedia
(example of mind map)

i wudnt evn pass my school days,
if it wasnt for his brilliant mind mapping idea.
really did help me thru alot!!
i was a total dunce, (dunno if i still am?)
and his creative colours and images really helped alot!!

colours and pictures really do help us remembering,
rather than "black/blue/gray(pencil)"

haa.. *~*
and to be able to hear him live...

Thank you to my friend, Muz,
who recommended me to the lecturers to go to this talk..
TeeHee... ;)

i remembered this in the talk:
"when u get a computer, u got the operation manual.
when u get a washing machine, u got the operation manual.
but, you, have the most wonderful machine in you, 
the brain, 
but where's the operation manual?
you better look for it.."

there is NO LIMIT to the brain.. start using it!
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

oh dear...

Cayang... we shud go on another date...

ok... when...?

anytime soon la...


and i even got the name for this date!! ;)

which is...?

The Merong Mahawangsa Date!!!
*get the picture*

Pfftt!!! are you serious??
im not gonna wear the costume whatsoever...

huh?? i meant, the movie?? a movie date...

ohh... i tot ur telling me to wear the costume

*where the heck he get that idea?*

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Attack AGAIN!!

upon suffering my monthly pain..
(xde kaitan pown)
i stumbled to a terrible news..

a catastrophic event hit Japan..
EarthQuakes and Tsunamis

oh gosh...
my idol country is at stake!!

i pray them well and hope for the best!!

stay strong Japan!!

and now...
neighbouring countries are at stake as well...
Hawaii, Indonesia, Phillipine, Russia, Kukil Islands, Taiwan...
and others...

(made an easy wave direction map to be understood at)

pleasa take cautious...

Ya Allah... forgive their sins...
save them all.... for You are our ONLY hope...

Source: Youtube

An 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck Japan's northeastern coast around 0546 GMT on Friday.

It caused a four-metre tsunami in the port city of Kamishi and its tremors shook buildings in the capital Tokyo, over 300 kilometres away.

Now Taiwan has issued a tsunami warning.

Harry Potter Marathon

6 Harry Potter Movies in 2 Days...

imagine that...
ignoring the fact that i hv abundant of asgmnts to do..
but i just cant get my head on the job....

not to say that i hate Harry Potter...
but i used to NOT to like Harry Potter...
coz it reminds me of my dad FORCING me to read the book 
when i wanted to do something else all the time...
so its more of a difficult psychology thingy...
(its like trauma... but its not... i just hate being forced at)

so.. yeah...
i watched the movies...
and i find it wonderful...
(not to mention i'm late to like it)
(and im starting to feel lame.. but.. heck.. who cares??)

so yeah...
"brilliant" eyh? ;)
now im waiting for Harry Potter 7
and looking forward for HP 7 part II

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cant Touch This!!

She's too gorgeous to ignore...

She's my MOM...

cant's beat this!! she's too great...


p.s: rindu....
p.s.s: sory iQin.... stole this from you... ;p

Monday, March 7, 2011

the truth is....

im missing him


p.s: unstable hormone... rampaging in progress...


it was fun making these... ;)

3 Days in Melaka

hye, just got back from my lil trip to Melaka with my classmates
CinePhoto class... ;)

tiring but fun
all OUT!!!

day 1:
right after arriving and checking in our dorm,
we head out to Dataran Pahlawan Mall,

Jonker Walk

Nadia with Pagoda Potato ;)
(or whatever la)

but i diverted my path to JONKER WALK
(pffttt.... why go to a MALL when you can find it in KL?? 
go la to place nicer than a MALL.. come on la... melaka KOWT??)

day 2:
woke up 5AM!! to catch the sunrise scenery in Klebang,

taking picture of the majestic Masjid Selat,

catching the sunset in Alai and had awesome seafood dinner there!!
giving a tour to the boys at Jonker Walk 
(who were suppose to do photoshooting, but went shopping instead)

day 3:
Breakfast and pitter pattering at Melaka Central,

(Nadia surviving the wild with her last piece of mozza burger in the rain)

head out to Zoo Melaka
(which unfortunately, rained halfway thru the course... soaked wet!!)
and back to Puncak Perdana

so, i really had fun with evrybody
ahaxx.. ;)

p.s: this is the 1st trip i actually DIDNT camwhore!!!! woohoo!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

just like now

You look at me Quietly
and smile as you lean on my shoulder

We're together
the stars are shining
and the breezes are blowing

The time that flows right now is so precious to us
i hope the moment we spend together
last forever

just like now

Me Talking

Myselves talking about myself

Nurul (inner child)
haa... studying is tiring... i just wanna hv fun... ;(

Fatehah (mature)
that's why, Ibu told me oredy, dont wanna study, just get married maa...

Puteri (teenager)
But, im not ready yet?

Fatehah (mature)
so when will i??

Kaklong (malaysian family)
come on guys? i hv siblings to take care of...

Kakak (singaporean family)
yeah... plus 5 more in singapore??

Nurul (inner child)
but, im not ready to grow up

Puteri (teenager)
yeah.. there's so much i wanna do still

Fatehah (mature)
and still im whining?? besides, im 23.. most of my frens r already married or hving a job? me?? cant even take my own driving license.

Puteri (teenagers)
i hv my own issues... butt off!!

Yayang (lover)
but i do wanna get married....

Puteri (teenager)
im so not ready... what am i gonna feed my kids?? sand??

Yayang (lover)
that's his job!!

Fatehah (mature)
i cant be irresponsible... im an independant woman.. remember that...

Yayang (lover)
urkk.... >.> im right...

Kaklong (malaysian family)
what about my parents... they're not young anymore...

Kakak (singaporean family)
yeah.. of cos we need jobs... but what gives? can only diploma help?

Puteri (teenager)
im not even confident what i can do...

Nurul (inner child)
cant i just stay behind my parents

Fatehah (mature)
no... im an adult now.. hv sense of responsibility... degree is not far... im doing well... just be confident..

Puteri (teenager)
but there's not much time in a day!! i can get tired!!

Fatehah (mature)
then stop the late nights!! its wearing me off!!

Kaklong & Kakak (family)
DO MY JOB!! i'v got families to take care off....

Yayang (lover)
its ok, i can wait.. cayang is doing his best too... i need to do the same... go me!!

p.s: im hving splitting psycological problem... >.>