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Monday, March 7, 2011

3 Days in Melaka

hye, just got back from my lil trip to Melaka with my classmates
CinePhoto class... ;)

tiring but fun
all OUT!!!

day 1:
right after arriving and checking in our dorm,
we head out to Dataran Pahlawan Mall,

Jonker Walk

Nadia with Pagoda Potato ;)
(or whatever la)

but i diverted my path to JONKER WALK
(pffttt.... why go to a MALL when you can find it in KL?? 
go la to place nicer than a MALL.. come on la... melaka KOWT??)

day 2:
woke up 5AM!! to catch the sunrise scenery in Klebang,

taking picture of the majestic Masjid Selat,

catching the sunset in Alai and had awesome seafood dinner there!!
giving a tour to the boys at Jonker Walk 
(who were suppose to do photoshooting, but went shopping instead)

day 3:
Breakfast and pitter pattering at Melaka Central,

(Nadia surviving the wild with her last piece of mozza burger in the rain)

head out to Zoo Melaka
(which unfortunately, rained halfway thru the course... soaked wet!!)
and back to Puncak Perdana

so, i really had fun with evrybody
ahaxx.. ;)

p.s: this is the 1st trip i actually DIDNT camwhore!!!! woohoo!!!


Topet Hidayat said...

tq for ur katana n sword...

Puteri Nurul said...

u mean the katana sword?? welcome... ;)