Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Saturday, August 17, 2013

what just happened?

receiving a phone call from my boyfriend is probably a normal thing, except for this one... especially this one...

Topet Hidayat
i'v got something to tell..

Puteri Nurul
yeah? (about to slurp in my spaghetti)

Topet Hidayat
my dad is coming to meet with your dad within this 2-3 weeks time.

Puteri Nurul
huh? (in disbelief)

Topet Hidayat
my dad is coming to meet your dad...

Puteri Nurul
yeah.... why??

Topet Hidayat
to get to know each other... to talk of our engagement..

Puteri Nurul
WHATTT??????? We're engaging???

and the rest of the conversation had me rolling on the floor (literally)...

Ya Allah, i know i've sort of kept asking for the day, but, when it happens, all nerve system just went kaput! im freaking out, nervous as hell and cant believe that this day would come!!

Alhamdulillah that our relationship had came up with a progress. i just need to slim down n be prim n proper now... training!! training!! my god!! im a wreak!!seriously!!

p.s: so.. this is how it felt...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Soon in Singapore

this year will probably mark the shortest trip to Singapore... because of my job...
im sorry in advance ibu.. :(

before my line get disconnected in Singapore, i would like to gather my palm and fingers together and ask for forgiveness to who ever that may have been hurt from what I've done or said, for i am only a humble human being myself...

please make halal for all of the things given to me.

i cant promise a perfect me next year, but pray for a better and improved me onward.

from here, i also would love to wish, Happy Aidilfitri. Assalammua'laikum ;)

that awkward moment...

... when this is sort of... true... guilty as charged... >.>

Friday, August 2, 2013

try Quiting drugs... sort of...

you know what?
im so freaking lazy... i think i know what causes me to be lazy... yeah... i think i do...

i think i hv 'drug' addict problem..
my drug?
im so addicted, i cant live without it.. yeah...
im on it everywhere...
im hardly offline.. yeah..

so i need to make a habit of restraining myself from being on9..
atleast... 4times a week... yeah... for starters..

i shud be fine.. right??
if i got nothing to do, i ought to go out right?
the gym or something...
pray for me... :(

p.s: im so lazy, i wont even wipe my makeup b4 bed... :((

facing my own conseQuences

having friends or acQuaintances who are beautiful, clean skin, nice hair, have great sense of style and very sophisticated.. i often end up falling in deep depression with all those life time repeating Questions like:

why am i fat?
why do i have skin allergies?
why am i not sophisticated?

and to think that all this (pointing as whole self) are all actually my own doing.. my lazy ass doing. i used to have nice skin, i used to have a nice body (one that im satisfied with), i was just never sophisticated.. but what the heck...

i would always repeat, if only im willing enough to get up early to go to the gym, just to do the fast walk on the track mill every day, or do pilates like i promised myself, or eat healthily.. but i always ended up waking up at noon and have chips and sit all day infront of the PC, until god knows who calls, inviting me to go out. this giant lazy MOFO piece of ass... are you just gonna wait till ure all wrinkly and aging at the age of 35 and die at 40?? coz u hv a freaking cardiac failure?? too much fats in blood stream?? haa?? no i dont wanna...

and this skin... urghh... this dry eczema-ly ill skin... why u no follow what ibu said?? use lotion after shower!! everyday!! bring lotion evrywhere... i hv ill skin... cannot be dry... or things will pop up!! eww.. urghh... why is it so hard to be discipline..?? i need a life trainer...