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Monday, November 10, 2014

Prank Calls

As a teenager, i wasnt the brightest fun loving being in the world. But i was (and probably still am) always up to no good. Harmless no good it is. I've always loved how annoyed and confused people can be through their expression.

So one fine evening my mom signed me up to a tuition class and obviously, their kids from other schools there. Being the timid me, i made very few conversation with them. It is, afterall, my first week there. Then came this white sheet of paper came to me after being passed around. There's the name, IC number and phone number of the whole class there. We were reQuired to fill em every class.

Eventually, i knew few girls from the class and also had a few crushes on the boys (urgh, typical teenager, right?), but i just ignored em, until one of em were kind enough to speak with me, as he was one of the girls' schoolmate. We got along and stuff, until i got this sneaky idea.

That attendance paper? with names and ICs and stuff? yeah, i copied down all of their number after getting to know em. I dunno why, i just had the urge to prank call all of the boys, especially the annoying noisy ones.

I called em and pretended to be their long lost indonesian cousin, someone whom they own money to (ceti haram), sexy seductive schoolmate and other craps i could think off, and the stories they told to their friends in class were just too funny! They were annoyed and angry, and the more they were disturbed, the more i cant help bugging them.

Until the nice guy caught me in the act (actually while me prank calling him).

no more prank calls for me now... LOL...

p.s: I feel like i wanna try again more, but people report everything these days. Pulled the fun out of it.. pftt~
p.s.s: besides, nobody uses landlines anymore~