Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Friday, March 22, 2013


you know ure getting old when....

- u receives too damn many wedding invitations

- ure updating ur resume

- ur friends approaches u with strollers

- ur friends calls u to introduce u to an aging product
    - and u agreeing on actually needing em..

- u cant really find the time to actually really enjoy life (constant worries)

- instead of  "i forbid u to hv a boyfriend!!" , u get "haiyaa... when r u getting married, i want grandkids"

- instead of  "ibu... i scraped my knee and my palms are bleeding"... to "ibu... i scraped my brain, n heart.. n cant find my soul... am i dying??"

- u seriously can hear ur bones cracking...
    - even considering anmum milk now~

- u thought of changing ur wardrobe (coz evrything look too childish for ur age n career.. and also doesnt fit anymore)

- u  ACTUALLY have a career...

- u think uv experience evry emotions in life

- u even start to eat drink healthily...

- saving money for car, house, marriage, parents (not for self nymore right~)

-u made ur own saving account... on ur OWN will~

- u felt that the songs today are crappy~

- uv already realized that uv graduated high school too long ago~

-u starting to say " those good old times"

- u think teens n kids nowadays are wasting their youth

-u appreciate sleep more!!

- instead of  'dear diary...'  you wrote  'wednesday appointment and meeting... thursday doctor checkup'

what else ek? the list goes on~~

p.s: most of it are personal... but im sure u guys had these too.. ;p

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Social Network Maniac

lets see... what do i hv...

Facebook >> (personal)

Twitter >> (personal)

Tumblr >>

2nd Tumblr >>

BlogSpot >>


Youtube >>

9GAG (not that iv posted anything yet) >>

Instagram >> 

Pinterest >>

oh dear... this is bad... :((
almost like i dont hv a real social life... which i dont, really~

im a sad kind of human being.. :(( huwaaa~


made a KEEK profile...

my explanation of what KEEK is?
 = its Instagram... for videos.. ;p

follow me if u made one.. :)

@princesscahaya << click here to view... ;)

p.s: dang social networks... >.>

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


oh yeah..
i registered for car license already..
despite the old age and the nervousness..

when we were friends..

those funny years when we were bros... ;p

Usagi Drop

i'v actually watched this anime long time ago..
but this story really touched my heart...

its about how a single man, took care of a child,
all on his own~

nope, not single father.
plainly a man, 
who took responsibility to be this child's care taker.
turns out, the child took care of him mostly.

heartwarming and sweet.


i dunno why,
in my room,
at a certain particular spot..
there's a smell...
an typical onion-y body odor..
the ones produced when forgotten to use deodorant or body spray...
those kinds...

i sniffed myself.. not me.. i certainly use it all the time..
i sniffed anywhere else in the room... looking for its main spot..
cant find it..
its like, already there in mid air~

i wonder where i comes from??

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


i wish to have pale skin n pale blonde hair... not to mention skinny~

so i can colour my hair purple turQuoise and blue
and use rich red lip matte
and wear skinnies with large knitted sweaters and boots.. and not look fat!

so, i atleast can pretend that i hv a sense of fashion and insanity...

pathetic me is pathetic~
demm tumblr girls~

Perks of Being a Wallflower

watched Perks of Being a Wallflower...

somehow, the terms "wallflower" intrigued me.
reminding me of how i was years ago.
isolated, bullied, ignored, used...

tho, my conditions werent as bad as Charlie's.

but those things happened during my primary years.
(yeah, sucky childhood memories)
and in high school, i tried to blend in.
some was interested coz of my background, naturally.
but they also, naturally, fades away...

i just watched, as they come and go,
just staying in the background of the society
remaining close to the walls.
i drew comics to express my feelings, 
and im more of an individual being actually.
my dad actually somewhat taught me the term,
"if they hit u once, u can hit them a thousand times,
if its a court case, u can win, coz they threaten u first."
no joke. since i was bullied back then. so i learned not to be a bother.
invisible, unseen, a wallflower.

and eventually, i found whacky friends
true and loyal. they changed me. ALOT!

some may say, high school sucks..
but for me...
high school was the best time in my life~

p.s: like i said in my FB post, i just CANT digest the fact the Emma Watson talked in American English!! >,<