Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Friday, March 22, 2013


you know ure getting old when....

- u receives too damn many wedding invitations

- ure updating ur resume

- ur friends approaches u with strollers

- ur friends calls u to introduce u to an aging product
    - and u agreeing on actually needing em..

- u cant really find the time to actually really enjoy life (constant worries)

- instead of  "i forbid u to hv a boyfriend!!" , u get "haiyaa... when r u getting married, i want grandkids"

- instead of  "ibu... i scraped my knee and my palms are bleeding"... to "ibu... i scraped my brain, n heart.. n cant find my soul... am i dying??"

- u seriously can hear ur bones cracking...
    - even considering anmum milk now~

- u thought of changing ur wardrobe (coz evrything look too childish for ur age n career.. and also doesnt fit anymore)

- u  ACTUALLY have a career...

- u think uv experience evry emotions in life

- u even start to eat drink healthily...

- saving money for car, house, marriage, parents (not for self nymore right~)

-u made ur own saving account... on ur OWN will~

- u felt that the songs today are crappy~

- uv already realized that uv graduated high school too long ago~

-u starting to say " those good old times"

- u think teens n kids nowadays are wasting their youth

-u appreciate sleep more!!

- instead of  'dear diary...'  you wrote  'wednesday appointment and meeting... thursday doctor checkup'

what else ek? the list goes on~~

p.s: most of it are personal... but im sure u guys had these too.. ;p

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Nurul Izzaty said...

Hahah so agree with this list!
I'm getting OLLLDDDDDer.... sobs