Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i like chocolates???

Chocolate Cutie Pictures, Images and Photos

lately, i found myself craving for chocolates 24/7...
but im not da type to hv sweet fetish like most girls...
in fact.. i dont like sweets...

but, ya la...
curiouser and curiouser...

p.s: maybe they just taste good enuf for my tastebuds... hmm??

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Personal Adventure ;)

when i was younger, i always loved animes and videogames...
and i see da world so differently, i cant decide which was reality or fantasy..

when i was forced to run the cross country race... i imagined that i was in one of that digimon movies where i have to overcome a challenge to save the world from being consumed by the dark side.

when i was told to walk to school (my house was damn far).. i imagined that i was in a kingdom hearts game and whenever in out of HP (health point), i'll stopped at a drug store (which was really 7-11) and bought myself some High Potion (which was really Jumbo Slurpee)..

and also,
there was a time imagine my mom a MasterBeast (sorry ibu) whenever i tried to finish what i started... i had to compete the beast in order to go to da next level.. (but i usually fail)....

so, as i grew up, all these fantasy seem to fade away..
i sure miss my fantasy days, when nothing seems to be a burden...

right now, im starting to gain back all those thoughts and feeling...

and my adventure will again


my whole life, i'v hvnt felt this kind of happiness before...
the things we share..
the feelings we care...
the burdens we bare
our time we spare
we're an awesome pair!!!

dont ever change who you are,
coz, im in love with YOU!!
and i can nvr ask for more...
my personal brand of heroine~


*hold my hand when u hv da time, evrytime*


i really do...

i miss my girlfriends~

Intan, SheQin, Dahnia, Nadia, Fatin Irena, Sarah Iqbal, Suhaila

Told me Once

Nadia told me....
never give a person ur full 100% love...

Ka Wyn told me...
you will only know that the person is your soulmate is only when u are married to him...

Ayah asked me...
if Topet n ur brother were to drown, who wud u save first?

an Anonymous (because i forgotten who said it) told me...
dont fly too high, or u'll fall and break...

Kak Dewi once told me...
dont love a person blindly... love for money n a good future...

Bibik once told me...
There's no such thing as true love...

what do i think?

i think...
im gonna find out for myself~


*always short on cash*
*miss my mom.. (ibu~~ boohoo)*
*my cayang will be away*
*blur on asgmnts*
*video editting corruptions*
*still missing my mom*
*miss my siblings (alott)
*wants Tempura Udon*

~neverending oh noooos~

p.s: i want ibu~ TT___TT

Hire ME!!!

hire me!!

i need a part time job..
due to my stubbornness and determination (on something)
i want a parttime job and i'v been eyeing on a certain art department in One Utama..

planning on working while studying..
gaining extra cash n all...

life aint easy~

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Key Control

this is what happen when u wake up late n rush to do ur asgmnts
and left ur wallet n keys in ur room... ;)

His Lady on the Bus ;pp

*i editted this one*

yesterday, i'v done alot of picture editting coz i was excited of my Cayang's gift..
then, i took a peep on some pictures that Nadia took of me..
Pretty awesome.. ;))

so, yeah,
with my small knowledge on photoshop,
i left ym when my Cayang left me (to edit my pic) and edit some..
not very good.. but, i kinda like it...

looked like some kind of a PSA (Public Service Announcement).
Women Domestic Violence..
we could kill you... ;pp

*From this..... this*

But my Cayang (click to visit his page),
who has the ultimate brain of a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine,
did better... as usual... >.>

he named this art,
"My Lady in the Bus"

Thank you Cayang..
you're great,
as usual..

Im Evolving

To think,
my whole life, i never thought of being pretty or beautiful..

i always thought of being cool and having friends around me.
even after i had boyfriends before,
it have never cross my mind to change to be a better me...

now, i know..
why women wants to be beautiful for their love ones.
because it's worth it.

to be praised and cherished by my love,
and even my own family appreciated my changes,
of being more feminine and elegant (i think).

i think,
im evolving.
to be stronger,
to be a WOMAN.

thank you.

*ok.. lame edit.. but.. get da point la..*
*my editting used to sux.. but, its getting worse!!*

Red Gift from Love

My Cayang bought me a red lipstick like he promised!!
(i sounded like a bitch now, but, WTH??)

thank you.. ;)

*Maybeline Summer Sunset*

*looks da same... coz i added pink lipgloss*

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Red Lipstick

Today, i did a lil experiment that change my perception on striking colours forever.


My whole life,
i assumed that tanned girls cant use striking colours, but now, i'd say,

so, i was rather attracted to Nadia's Brave Red lipstick,
so i tried ALOT on.. just to check it out..
well, i liked it..

and my cayang promised to buy me one as a gift!!

*what do you think?*

*i even editted a pic.. but, im not sure of da font tho~*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We Are Hebat!!!

*doodle doodle*

Imagine presentation is at 8.30am and we only got da information at 4am???

but somehow, nadia n i managed to get thru it.. it was tough tho~


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Secks PSa

ther r 5 tings yooh shold no
befour yu hahve Secks

secks = cookeys
proteckshin = dinnur
appityte = lyife
dudu (shit) = baybe
toylet payper = toohels

yu kant hahve cookeys befour dinnur
ur et whill rooin yoor appityte
bikos thien yu'll hahve tu mek a dudu
en yoo wount hahve de toylet payper tu tek ker ouf et.

sou, on oter wuhrd,
ef yoo dohnt wan tu hahve a baybe,
ten juz


BY Regina (woman ryan higa)

(s)he's so Cute!!!!

*see his PSA vid on youtube... click his pic to go*

p.s: warghh!! i wanna ki(ss/ck) him!!!

You Are Guilty!!

yes, i have a confession for u!!
Mohamad Taufik Hidayat
is a very bad person!!

u made me so helplessly dependent and wanting u 24/7.
for 2 1/2 years you were always there for me,
and never let me have my own time.
always with me at all times!!

always around
for lunch times
for dinner times
for my sad times
for my happy times
for my cry times
for my glorious times
for my hard times
my shopping times
all the time!!

u never let me go to Rahmath alone
u never let me talk to myself like i used to
u never leave me alone

and now, im so in need of u desperately
but ur so far away...
i wasnt prepare for this.

you are guilty for making me LOVING you too much until im in this state of desperation.

p.s: i love you~ ;)

Im Not Perfect

Thursday, April 8, 2010

No Fear

*so cute la this pic*

i had Japanese test just now and i realized,
"this must be how CheQin felt when she went thru english"

i was so nervous, i actually taram half of my way there... haishh...

gile la u puteri~

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

wake up in the morning, feelin' like "WT*"


it was 4 am in the morning and i woke up, made myself a glass of hot Milo (now cold oredy la) and sat in front of my PC, thinking,

"how da hell am i going to type my essay with my eyes closed?"

its kinda unbelievable, even to myself to wake up in the middle of my glorious sleep to write an essay about animation.



Sunday, April 4, 2010

Necklace Watch

*a gift from my Cayang*

my Cayang and i were lining up at an ATM in 7-11 and when i looked away awhile, he put on a beautiful antiQue necklace watch on me...

was i surprised?


aww.. it was nothing like i had before..
my face was burning with excitement n happiness..
i really wanted to hug him, but, public la weyhh!!!

"it suits you, yang"
aw.... that melts me right away!!
i love it so much!!

Thank you cayang...
i'll cherish it everyday in my life!!

*suit me o not?? ;p*

p.s: did i mention i love it so much?? ;p

My BABY CPU Liveessss!!!!

for 5days.. i lived without my pc.. my Baby PC..

my entertainment,

my work,

my BABY!!!!

n now, she's working again.. i really felt like crying... thanks to my Cayang n my fave couple, Ayu n Proff... they escorted me to buy my a Power Supply ( since tat was the problem, my Powersupply busted) and thanks to Ayie for fixing it for me and also, thanks Ibu Aliah, for lending me some money.. awwhhh... i love u guys.. thanks for reviving my BABY!!

*now that my PC is running n kicking, im able do dominate the world again!!*