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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

His Lady on the Bus ;pp

*i editted this one*

yesterday, i'v done alot of picture editting coz i was excited of my Cayang's gift..
then, i took a peep on some pictures that Nadia took of me..
Pretty awesome.. ;))

so, yeah,
with my small knowledge on photoshop,
i left ym when my Cayang left me (to edit my pic) and edit some..
not very good.. but, i kinda like it...

looked like some kind of a PSA (Public Service Announcement).
Women Domestic Violence..
we could kill you... ;pp

*From this..... this*

But my Cayang (click to visit his page),
who has the ultimate brain of a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine,
did better... as usual... >.>

he named this art,
"My Lady in the Bus"

Thank you Cayang..
you're great,
as usual..

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