Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Independence Day Malaysia

Hail your hands up Malaysians!

Hail it high and shout our pride out..

leave alone ignorance

leave alone curses

live life to the max

make MAMA proud!!



forgiveness is always sweet
calmness is always kind to come
patience is always here
fortune is always on the way
smiles must always from the heart
and great things will be attracted to it.
like sweet hunny to a bee..

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

am i packed?

when someone leaves,
its because someone else is about to arrive...
-paulo coelho-

my pantun

bunga teratai mekar di kolam,
jelas isinya kacang kuaci.
tidak berkata makan dalam,
sudah berkata sakit hati.

a pregnant man?

i know if this is probably an old news, but to know a man getting pregnant is nerves cracking news man!!!

The Pregnant Man Gives Birth Pictures, Images and Photos

this is thomas beatie... and he was pregnant for his wife.. gave birth to a baby girl..

how is this possible???

ok... actually... this guy was a girl before... yeah.. hard to believe... atleast for me la kn.. but what a waste here... the handsome looking man was actually a woman. who was no ordinary woman we pass by daily.. but was ms. hawaii!!!!

Thomas Beatie (Antes Tracy Lagondino ) Pictures, Images and Photos

yeah!! that was him!! i mean.. her!! what a waste..

then, she went thru some identity crisis and she thinks that she's suppose to be born as a man... and started to hv a lesbian life.. n change into a tomboyish girl.. and lastly... she went under an operation.. cut off her breasts, planted a male organ.. *you know what la*... and ate testron pills... which changed her voice, body shape and dadaddada.... and finally legally change her identity to a male... and married her lesbian partner...

what's odd is... he purposely didnt throw his female organ (yes.. i refer her as him now)... so in case he need to use it, he's prepared... and he was right.. his wife wasnt able to get preggy coz she had problem with her vagina... so they went to a sperm bank and "bought" a sperm.. and planted it in thomas.. and there you hv it... a preggy man.. fuhh!!

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there you hv it... a beautiful baby girl... haishh....

for those who wonder how he gave birth... he went under cesarean.. snip snip!!

my baby pc... :(

im having alot of asgmnts lately, and among all the troubles i went thru... baby pc is making things hard for me.. extremely hard!!!

it all happen in one fine day while i was surfing the net as usual, when suddenly he just blank off out of me!!! what the fish!! what just happened!!

then it happen several times after that..

so, in deperate measures, i had to send it to mr. fix my pc (ayie) to fix my pc... soon afterwards, found out that there's some problems with my graphic card.. which overheated n yadayada.. the fan to cool the graphic card busted n unfortunately, i think i hv to purchase another gumbo.... haishh!!! munny lagi....

this friday going to send it to proffy, so he'll check if he can fix it before i buy a new one.. but still... hmm.. i miss my baby... huwaaaa!!!!

i hv tonnes of reports to do n to submit!! n now im stuck here in this cybercafe with this capslock button not working.. grrr..... n no privacy summore... haishh.. complaining kn?? hehehe...

actually, im so eager to post my latest works on animation (tho not very cool) but... ya la... pc busted n needed to be fixed first... but, soon.. ok...

owh... also, words of warning.... be very careful with this new virus lingering around.. that shortcut virus... really a headache la... haishh.. ok la.. adios!!! ttfn!!

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ps: owh... the good thing is.. since my pc is out.. i'v been on my feet for quite sometime now.. evn starting to read books n cleaning the house and socializing... ;p *there's n upside here... kn?*

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

little heart

5 days ago,
i killed somebody...

he died and so did i...

hush little heart,
no use of crying anymore,
you wont feel pain and so will he.
no more, no more pain.

smile little heart,
even if a piece is missing,
that piece will be cure in the near future.

wish little heart,
for a better beating,
for a better living,
for a better me,
for you, him and her.

Freak Show by a Pervert!!

venue: PKNS Bus Stop

partner: Nadia Hanie

mission: Go back to Puncak Perdana before class starts

We were waiting for the bus to arrive at the bus stop with a bunch more people, while snacking Nadia's pea snacks.. We were chatting away, when suddenly...

Put! Dont look!!

(accidentally looked.. reflexes...)


A LIVE freak show was going on in the car that parked in front of us!! a FAT MAN pretended to talk on the phone (at least, i think he was pretending.. while playing with his DICK, while looking at us??



Without thinking of anything, Nadia n i shifted away from that spot.. the funny thing is.. the exact moment we went away... that guy drove away... so, it was obvious he was looking at us KN??? FREAKY!!

I'v shud hv taken his car plate number or his picture!! if can do it in public.. means, he used to it.. what if he did it to other girls?? worse case... WHAT IF THE RAPE SOMEBODY???? GEEZZZZ!!!

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you pig... >.>

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Story of a Gondang Prince

Once upon a time, in a far away land, was a peaceful country, ruled by a wise but humble king. But there was a crisis that nobody can solve, even the king himself. So, he search far and wide, for someone who can solve the mysterious crisis.

Then, came an ordinary man who claimed to come from a kampung from the country. He also claimed that he can solve the kings problem. Joyfully, the man did solved it and was celebrated merrily by the whole country.

Alas, the merry celebration turned to a sad funeral, for the king passed away after that.

There was no heir from the king, so the country chose the man to take the crown. Being responsible, the man took the responsibility and took the throne.

Many years later, the new king went on a voyage in the open sea when he found a beautiful maiden floating on the waves. He welcomed the maiden aboard.

"I am he guardian of the sea. I heard a young king is on a voyage, so came to see", said the maiden.

The king was mesmerized with the maiden's beauty and he asked her hand in marriage.

After a few years of marriage, the queen was pregnant and gave birth to a Gondang (some sort of a clam creature). The king was furious and accused the queen cheated on him. Both of the queen and the Gondang was banished from the country.

So, the queen ran into the jungle and she found an old man who lived in a shattered shack. The old man offered the queen to stay with him. He told the queen, that he will look after her Gondang while she look for work.

One fine day, a miracle happened the the Gondang opened and there was a baby inside it. The queen and the old man were thrilled.

As the baby grew up into a handsome young man, he began to realized that he felt lonely for he never knew his father. So he asked his mother's permission to look for him. Being unsure of it, his mother permitted him to look for his father. The old man gave the man a disguise of a Batak (an ugly monkey like creature) and told him only to tell lies to others (meaning to say things that's not true, like "im not Batak" meaning "im Batak").

For many days he sort the jungle and he finally stop for a drink of water by a lake. There, he saw a princess bathing alone in the lake. Being mesmerized by her beauty, the Batak stole her clothes and ran away. The scared princess ran home n reported to her father, the King of the neighboring country. The king sent his men to catch the Batak and chain him in the biggest field in the country.

Upon hearing the news, the mother of Batak when to the country as a tiger and make rampage there as she looks for her son. The villagers were terrified and seek the king's help. The king had sent his most powerful men to catch it, but they failed and nobody else dare to.

Then, the king had no choice but to ask the Batak's help to kill the tiger.

"I'll take the challenge. But as the reward, i want to marry the princess,' said the Batak.

The accepted the deal and the Batak was off the the jungle with two of the king's helper. When they found the tiger, the Batak told the men to stay and hide as he go to fight the tiger alone. Then, as the tiger wanted to "attack" the Batak, he whispered to his mother to take of the tiger disguise and gave it to him. The mother did what he wished and disappear in the jungle again.

The Batak came to the men with the skin of the tiger and claimed that he killed it. Then, they went back to castle with good news and as promised, the Batak married the princess.

One day, the princess woke up from sleep and she was surprised to see a handsome man sleeping next to her and a batak's skin by his side.

"So, this is the real you" she whispered to herself.

The princess took the batak's disguise and burn it by the castle and back to sleep.

Next morning, the Batak was surprised to that his disguise had gone missing, so he asked his wife for it. After knowing she burned it, he was devastated. The princess calmed her prince, telling him he wont need to hide himself anymore. The prince thought about it and agreed with his princess. And they live happily ever after.

The end.

p.s: a good makyong story... ;)