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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my baby pc... :(

im having alot of asgmnts lately, and among all the troubles i went thru... baby pc is making things hard for me.. extremely hard!!!

it all happen in one fine day while i was surfing the net as usual, when suddenly he just blank off out of me!!! what the fish!! what just happened!!

then it happen several times after that..

so, in deperate measures, i had to send it to mr. fix my pc (ayie) to fix my pc... soon afterwards, found out that there's some problems with my graphic card.. which overheated n yadayada.. the fan to cool the graphic card busted n unfortunately, i think i hv to purchase another gumbo.... haishh!!! munny lagi....

this friday going to send it to proffy, so he'll check if he can fix it before i buy a new one.. but still... hmm.. i miss my baby... huwaaaa!!!!

i hv tonnes of reports to do n to submit!! n now im stuck here in this cybercafe with this capslock button not working.. grrr..... n no privacy summore... haishh.. complaining kn?? hehehe...

actually, im so eager to post my latest works on animation (tho not very cool) but... ya la... pc busted n needed to be fixed first... but, soon.. ok...

owh... also, words of warning.... be very careful with this new virus lingering around.. that shortcut virus... really a headache la... haishh.. ok la.. adios!!! ttfn!!

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ps: owh... the good thing is.. since my pc is out.. i'v been on my feet for quite sometime now.. evn starting to read books n cleaning the house and socializing... ;p *there's n upside here... kn?*

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