Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Monday, July 18, 2011

working again

today i started working again...
as a Conty (again)
this time.. for episode drama...
Kali Kedua...

this time... more challenging la....
38days of shooting non-stop...
during fasting month sumore...

wish me luck in surviving...

Friday, July 15, 2011

pretty much of that

yup... much of that... >.>

Who said??

 a Puteri's perfect suitor is a Putera??

who said??
who decide??

Puteri Gunung Ledang's suitor was Hang Tuah.

this Puteri's suitor is a Pahlawan

i said.
i decide.

my story.

*random bunnies*

Delivery Havoc

Taufik and i went to Johor 2days ago,
delivering goods to my mom frm Singapore..

but the real story started yesterday,
when we were on our way home.

right in the middle of a free highway,
with LOADS of ENORMOUS TRUCKS passes by,
our car broke down...

confirmed case,

belt bearing missing
belting to snap
tank to bust (due to overheating)

evrything was a new experience,
having car broke down,
being pulled by another car,
being towed (most awkward riding experience),
and being in a mechanic workshop (as a customer)

*see that annoyed face.. hahahah*

but its all good at the end, i guess,
considering we did arrive home safely after that...

and we had Pizza... ;p

p.s: evrybody felt bad that he missed his job interview... im sorry!!! >,<

Monday, July 11, 2011

i cant post upload piccas to my blog...

why ah?

Being a Wife

im a woman.
as usual, evry woman dreamed of getting married,
whether its before or after love.

but the Question is,
what are you going to be after getting married?
of course, a wife.
but, what kind of wife?

for me, i hv my own dream on how to be a wife.
a good wife that my future hubby will never regret marrying to.

i wanna be the type of wife that:

stay home and bake cakes and cookies.

cook breakfast, lunch and dinner.

make bentos for our kids and hubby everyday.

take freelance job as an illustrator or a cartoonist.
(work at home)

do housechores
(dreamhome: small and comfy, cottage like, with small garden)

teaches our kids arts, to draw and to paint.

greets hubby with a smile when he comes home.
(and serve tea or juice)

show love to hubby and kids evryday b4 the leave home.
(for work or school)

look beautiful evryday, only for dearest hubby to see.

learn new recipes to cook.

avoid major arguments, in fear of divorce.
(divorce is out of the Question, nvr to bring it up, stay loyal)

supports hubby whenever he's in trouble.

yup... typical house wife, but these are what i wish to be in the future.
A HouseWife.

People said that being a housewife is rather hard and impossible in this modern era,
but to think,
satisfying the one man,
that Allah made for you and the one who worked hard to feed and care for you,
taking care of his children that he's proud of, 
the children that utter sweet love for you,
Allah will pay for all the love you gave them, 
no Question or argument about it.

its a long term thing,
but i bet,
it will all be worth it... :)

i'll be like this, Insya Allah.


lately, in this lovely country of mine...
there was a riot... with the same cause, over and over again...


hmm? why ah?
we go to the same mix race high school (for everybody),
yet nobody is even considering being sensitive about race and religion?

you go school..
during Agama/Moral class, you ponteng ka??
donno about respecting others?
about sensitivity? unity? friendship? loyalty?

what good will these bickering bring?
for money? status? power?
what about simple things as,
bring love and joy? peace?

you think WAR FOR PEACE is it?

you elderly people said that we're young, dont understand anything.
well, isnt that good? that we dont think as complicating as you guys do?


power-hungry yek?? pity...

i dont take any side... i HATE politics nowadays....
all so senseless...


Friday, July 8, 2011

feet habit

i have this habit of washing my feet 
when i come back home from anywhere 
(no matter near or far) and before sleeping.

i mean,
washing it immediately...

at first,
it was for straining off evil spirit from 
following me in the house or giving me bad dreams
(oldfolks advices)

it was because 
i hate having dust dirty black feet
(annoying much)

it was because,
it leaves my feet cool and comfy
(and scientifically cooling the body as well)

so dont get offended or surprise then i tell you to
wash your feet as well... immediately...

p.s: its still weird why i hv to do it almost immediately... >.>

Thursday, July 7, 2011

must have

i cant go a day without

Food (obviously)

FaceBook (on PC or BB)

Comunication with him (atleast once.. oso can)

.... food....

i think that's about it... >.>

Conty Girl

For 8 days
i experienced a job as a conty girl...

A person who keeps the continuity of the 
actors positions, actions, dialogue during the whole act.

i dont know anything of how this job should work out, not a single clue.
i just took it. my dad made me do it.

i had to wake up in the wee hour of the morning 
and sometimes, back home late night.

it was tiring, body aching, mind twisting job,
but evrybody (crew and actors) were nice,
and i had fun. :)

i learned Quite alot about film making, practically,
evntho i did tagged along to many acting locations.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


i miss him so much...
it feels like forever since i last met him..