Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Friday, January 24, 2014

Dear Allah,

Despite my crude behaviour in life, i am thankful for granting me many people in my life..

I am thankful for my mother, whom gave birth to me.. regardless the distance we have between us, we are never separated in heart. Never lose faith in me, always believe i can achieve many things (even the smallest things counts for her).

I am thankful for my father, always giving me a pathway towards the biggest picture in life. Always giving me the 2nd chance thought i don't deserve. And is always there to help. Sometimes, to teach a child to find, is to play 'Hide and Seek'. Nothing is given in the real world, except to expected to be taken back.

I am thankful for my fiancee, that 1st stranger to accept me as who i am. Always, and ALWAYS there whenever i'm down, whenever i'm at my lowest, most useless state. Knowing how stubborn, how anxious and how thoughtless i can be at most times. Notices the tasteless changes in me. You still stuck a ring on me.

I am thankful for my siblings, who are always my little rays of sunshine. My trouble makers. My migraine enhancements. My mud puddles. Always a grim, never a bore. Those lil baby talk we had, turns to meaningful chats. Everything you guys do, made me reminisce and smile. Never fail.

I am thankful for my best friends, my vitamins in life. Supports me to almost everything i do. Listens and listen good. Never sigh to my woes, never scream to my tantrums. Even after knowing that i'm not they type to contact all the time, never to forget me, as i never forget them, EVER! Always so important, so true.

So, Please dear Allah,
Hear my prayers, for you are the Most Loving and Most Caring, Most Forgiving.

Give love and protection to these love ones of my life. Give support and justice to their soul. Forgive their sins and banish their fears. Purify their heart from evil and stray them from hell fire, for they are precious to me on earth. Amin...

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