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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Plant Nanny App

Unfortunately, I don't plan to have any of the "New Year Resolutions". I don't feel like bashing myself every end of the year for not completing (or even doing) any of the things I promised myself to do.

I downloaded this really cute app on iTunes.
Its the Plant Nanny app:

Which helps you to organize your drinking timing in a day.

So, i thought it's cute and all, and i think i need it because, lets face it;
 I'm not the healthiest thang here, 
so i gotta at least get one thing straight!

So, basically, this app sort of 'drinks' with you. You choose a plant, plant the plant (lol) and every time it needs water, you drink up and schedule it. Or else, your plant will wither.. get the idea.

there's my Dandelion... I named her Dream.

They also has this measurements glasses/mugs/bottles, so you'll know which container holds how much water.

So, i started with mugs (350ml each)... i need at least 6 mugs of water a day. 

AND HELL NAWW!! By the end of the day, i started peeing every 15mins, and my VJJ is drowning!! urghh!! This is so tiring!! And this isn't my first attempt on healthy drinking. I was so tired of the Loo Trips, I can't even.

But, on the bright side, water helps to lose weight, so, I think I'll try to keep up. And I don't wish on cheating on my lil Dream Dandelion either. Hehe.

P.s: Water is Good. BRAINWASH! (see what i did there... ;p)

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