Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


My 2 favourite thing to watch is forbidden now by hubster (because of pregnancy)...

Horror movies and pimple popping videos.

what is my life now?



Say I'm selfish and cruel,
Say I'm being disrespectful and ignorant...

Tapi, saya cukup tak suka pujuk orang yang merajuk or sentap tak tentu pasal.

I'm likely unsociable, I really seldom call people just to say hi. It's my semi-introvert attitude, and people closest to me should understand. But, as far as i know, if you want me to entertain you (if you miss me or just feeling lonely), I am more than happy to oblige, because I care.

What pisses me off is when you're just blaming me for not caring. You know what? I'm not a mind reader. We don't have that telepathic communication skill where i can feel that u need me.

You saying that i forget you, or that I never call, why don't you make the effort to call instead of waiting around? Tak susah, kan? But, no. You just have to indulge in your ego, that I have to call you first because I should know that you need me.

It's nice to know that you thought of me at times. I think of you guys, too. Tapi, aduhai.. apa lah salah nya, kamu call saya je? Tak salah apa aihh.. Tak payah la nak sentap merajuk, tak mengaku kawan/famili bagai. It's different if you call me all the time, but I never return call. I didn't call you, and you didn't call me, but I'm the bad one? No fair, ok?

p.s: siapa sentap, just so you know, I sentap too ok...