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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Malaysia International Toy Fair

After a lot of exchanges of buses and trains, we finally made it to midvalley by noon at the Toy Fair.
it was my VERY VERY first time taking the SUPER CROWDED train. i was SARDINED!!
ok ok... picca time!!

who was with me??

there was UmzarulNadia & Eno

and Muzzy and Nadia Hunny

the 1ST thing i saw as i walk in... cool..!!

artwork by

me admiring one of her works... so cute!!!

cool picca kn??? ishh!!! envy!!!

this is... printing on canvas.. but so COOL!!

these are totally cute hanging deco... i think i'll use the same idea if i get my own studio in the future.. awesome kn?? :)
think this is UrbanCr3aturez

these are more awesome works i saw there...
pretty cool eh??

alright.. i left my mark there.. tho, not really an awesome mark... and its time to go.. heheh...

extra story!!
ok ok.. we took the Rapid bus home, and there's this funny situation where Muzzy, UmzarulNadia n me were on a bus from KL Sentral to Sek2. it was crowded, so we had to stand.. i mean really crowded, like cramp crowded...
so, we had a few laughs in the bus, between me, nad n muz, how we struggle to keep in balance in the bus without falling. fuhh... i think i'v grown some muscles in my right arm.. ahaxx...
until, there were several situation when the bus SUDDENLY stop in the middle of the road. 
like, evry 1 or 2km, the engine would stop.
and a few times, the bus light would go off... what's worse, in the hassle of too many people in the bus, the aircon died as well!!! OMGOSH!!!! we were sweating like cows in Hawaii??? i dont evn know if cows in hawaii evn sweat at all???
until, we almost reach the final destination after almost an hour in the bus, CROWDED N STANDING, the passengers started to cheer for the bus not to stop half way before it reach the place.. it was hilarious how the people actually reacts... its like, watching football... YEAY!!! GOAL!!! HAHAHAH!!!

ok... so we came out of the bus sweating.. but it was a cute experience... hahah!! 

ok... that's all... until next time... toodles... ;))


nad said...

i think i cn imagine the crowd cheering. hehehe

Puteri Nurul said...

nad: yeah... it was rowdy... hahha!!

YAN said...

ade cosplayer x?

Puteri Nurul said...

cosplayer syok sendri je... hmm.... xminat.. ;p

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