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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rebound Girl

it has been a month or so since i broke up with my boyfriend, just to know all this while, i'm just a rebound girl. he lost a tiny piece of love in his past relationship, so i think, it kinda made him lost n cant find his way out. so, i sorta figured, he found that piece when they were away with what they suppose to have. like the old saying, 

you can only know how to appreciate when you lost it. 
(or something like that)

well, im a rebound girl alright. i was so stupid to play with fire, i couldnt tell the difference between hot and warm, so i got burned n hurt. but, its ok. im not really sure what to do now, but will figure it out eventually.

to him:
thank you for the memories that you gave me all this while. i cant forget you even if i try, but somehow, i dont want anymore memories with you cause it hurts alot. you're the best memory i could have, but the worst person i've met. i'll be gone now, and please, live your life pleasantly and take care of her, ok?

to her:
im sorry for everything i said, do or react. i was a coward, spoil and dumb. can say i was a bitch, i dont really mind. but, i apologize for everything and thank you, for letting me "borrow" him in the time being. he's a beautiful souled man and a very lovable person. hate me if you want, but forgive his past action. it was uncalled for. im partly at fault for this. i hope you guys find your way to each others hearts again. and i pray for your happiness. if you think im a goody-goody person for doing this, im not. i just dont have the guts to speak with you face to face or even chat with you through facebook or even in your inbox. im ashame with what i've done to you. again, im sorry.

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