Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Monday, April 30, 2012

Booth and Keith

from last Tuesday, i took this BOOTH job from my former internship company, TAPIR REKA.
just Leo, Abg Iman, En.Ayie and me...
for this event,

these what i basically do there...
derping on Abg Iman's lappy...

trolling as an exhibitor...

and more derping... ;p

so yeah.... AND THEN!!
came an eventful day.. the day i'v been waiting for!!
(can say that it was the main reason for me to take the job)


yup... mainly its a book fest (duuhhh)
but... there was.....


and there they are, Nishiki, Kaoru, KEITH, and Jo

and of course, i went for KEITH!!
he's the cartoonist for Lawak Kampus and Wasabi!
and so far, i'v collected most of his products and comics.
i was even a sucker that day...
(bought 20get worth of items, knowing i only got 30get left, left 10get...)

and there he is, macho-ing out with me...
urghh!!! ultimate comic crush!!
must LOVE his ideas and comics!!

and here are most of his merchandise

and here's what happened after the event....
GempakStarz product EVERYWHERE!!

p.s: and later, i owe Leo 13get for more comics...

p.s.s: and been scolded by mr.Boyfie for buying them... >.>

p.s.s.s: and no, mr.Boyfie, shoes arent as important as comics, ok?? rather buy comics than shoes.. ;p

Thursday, April 26, 2012

sleepy boy

That sleepy voice you have is seriously the sexiest thing ever..


*from my sis's BB*

caught this from movie Easy A
(and i dont really remember the lyrics, pardon me)

and proof that we're related....
by BLOOD!!!
*obviously, looks can be deceiving, no?*

Puteri Nur AsyiQin

she's the milk to my cocoa puff
*loveyou baby sister*

p.s: i seriously want you to be the aunty to my babies (pffttt!!!!!)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Home Run!!

it has been a week and 3days since....i came back home... to rest and manage stuff... mostly to rest la...

and yes, i admit, i skipped class last week...
but who cares?? i only hv 1 class subject this sem... ;p

but enuf of that... im actually wanted to say that...
i revived my old self within this one week...

how? you may ask?
thru COOKING!!

i cooked alot of stuff during my internship (for my bento)
but nothing like, cooking for the family... the feeling of responsibility and nervousness... and when they took the 1st bite and went... *wuuuu!! <3*
it was priceless... ;)

ok ok....

at first mom REALLY put me into it by FORCING me to make Assam Pedas
(the first and last time i did was like AGES ago...)
kept going on, on how she missed that taste and bla bla bla... so i was like... "ok ok... i get it... i'll cook it 2moro"

and walla!! <3

lovely Assam Pedas Ikan Merah

There's actually quite few flaws in this one, like, not spicy enuff, not enuff salt, shud hv add assam keping, more oil, more daun kesum, more ladyfingers and stuff... (yeah, i remember bit by bit)

i'v even gave boyfie, ayu and proff a taste... they said its ok... laa... (with other "honest" critiques)

2days later i gave it another try.... this time i made with Ikan Kembung... i cooked too much, and it sorta fit for a Kenduri... hahah!! this one, i made evrything right, and baba said its the best, better than Linda Onn's Assam Pedas (oh you stop it... teehee)... and also gave boyfie a try too... and he said super ok... hehee.... its spicy (i secretly added cili padi) and more daun kesum.... (too bad i didnt took any pics of it... bummer)

next!! i baked this out of curiosity and boredom...
i'v been planning to make this since last year, but didnt get to (coz blueberries are SUPER EXPENSIVE)
but this time, i manage to do it.. ;p (thank you sister Aisya for taking piccas and Instagram it... ;p)

This recipe was called End Summer BlueBerry Pie

and woah... that epic moment when it actually turns out SUPER AWESOME!! but it wasnt perfect tho... the blueberries were too sweet, but, when eaten with vanilla icecream, it was terrific! im glad the whole house liked it, but i didnt evn get to let mr.boyfie get a perfect slice... and FYI, its my 1st time baking a PIE (i did cakes and cookies) so, pat on the back for me... surely i'll bake MORE of these...super easy to do pies.. ;p

and finally, just 2nite,

Super OH SO MANLY Lamb Steak with Roasted Veges and Eggs
(and cheese)

yeah... pretty handsome aint it... hehehe.... this one, nothing new... really just of of those nights when i feel like hving steak... ;p pretty easy and fun to do... and on top of that, chilling with a horror movie and a glass of cold SirapRibena.. ;p simply haven (and fattening)...

my HomeRun is pretty neat aint it.. ;p food glory... ;p

p.s: and yes... i do STILL complain that im fat.... still am... >.>

p.s.s: and baba said my "air tangan" is good... teehee.. ;p

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Graffiti Competition

Port Dickson
9 to 5
(drive to PD at 5am!!)
PD Bandar Tentera Darat
 8 out of 13 competitors...
(not bad.. for 1st timers... ;p)

for the 1st time in OUR lives,
we actually joined a Graffiti competition,
without ANY graffiti basics....
not even how to use spray cans... (other than clear spray lah!)

but we sure had DAMN LOTSA FUN!!
(despite the heavy rain n all... ;p)

we actually had very little confidence to win this thing,
but we all just enter for the sake of experiencing it...
and the experience, PRICELESS

Thank You
Miss Hajar
Leo Shark
Abg Lan (UiTM Driver)

it was wonderful being able to do this with uollzz... ;p

p.s: we didnt get to swim at the beach.. :(

p.s.s: ... but we had SATAY!! <3