Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Obsessions on Lips

yeah... like the title above...
i hv this strange obsessions on lips...
especially the soft pretty ones...

n i love lipgloss/lipsticks...
tho, i dont wear them all the time..
but when i got my hands on them..
i can apply it on the whole day...
until i overdid them eventually...
haishh.... heheh... ;p

p.s: i used to think that blood red is a pretty lip colour.. so, i literally peel my lips until it bleeds, n smear the blood to make it pretty... yeah.. i know.. pretty eerie n gross.. ahaha!!


a funny fact about me is..

i hate coldness...
well.. it depends on the situation..
like when its DAMN HOT!!

but when im cold..
i'll off the fan or aircon or anything that makes me shiver..


i like warm things like
warm tea...
warm hugs...
the heat of a car stranded in the sun...
my comforters...
warm showers or simply a dip in the bathtub

ahh... nothing beats the warmness...
it resembles love n life...
ahh... im starting to crap... teehee... ;p


Few months ago, i discovered, im actually short-sighted.
Few months ago, i got my 1st specs.
Few FEW months ago, i lost it..
for a few months, i didnt tell my dad about it
until he found out about it himself..

yeah.. i received a few blabbers..
and, i got new spexy now.. heheh...

and i think i look pretty nerdy in them..
so, i have to minimize my needs on them...

but seriously,
the world is actually REALLY CLEAR!!
i can SEE!!

p.s: usually, without them, i cant watch movies, tv, or evn recognize my waving fren 7feet from me... (>.>)

Love is not about...

Love is not about

"it's your fault", but "I'm sorry."

Not "where are you", but "I'm right here."

Not "how could you", but "I understand."

Not "I wish you were", but "I'm thankful you are."

Monday, December 28, 2009

HandPhone Stalkers

hello, ur cute... can i have ur number?


please??? i wont bother u much.. just wanna be friends?

sorry, i dont give my number to strangers...

but, now, i know you...


this is one situation y girls hate guys to ask their numbers...

get a grip, guys...
if we say no...
it means, NO!!!

we're not the ones to say
' no means yes'

is saying
no/xleh/cannot/cant/tak boleh/no way
too hard to understand??

are you guys that dumb to understands...

ok, if you guys really wanted to be friends..
y dont you guys ask for email to
FaceBook or Twitter or Myspace or Friendster or ....

when a woman says no to phone numbers..
dont be forceful...

Phone numbers meant for Friends...
Not Strangers or
Friends u've just met on the internet, at a bar or evn at the street..

if u really want so badly..
get a b*tch!!!

ps: sorry, im so pissed

Mind on my Heels

its good to know most of my Graphics frens are continuing..
even when im abit separated from them..

but hye??
we're still close by, no??

but right now...
im totally panicking...

registration is on Saturday
and i've still done nothing..


need to print, scan, buy, waste, picca, lodging, money!!

and, despite all that,
im still blogging/facebooking/tweeting

gosh.. get a life!!

Holiday's over..
time to hit the road again..
honk honk!!

p.s: i still hvnt taken my driving license yet... abudenn????

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Animation Intake

24 December 2009, 1.24am, Bandar Utama Home

Today, i went to UiTM Shah Alam
to find the matter of my Degree..
i mean like...

didnt i get a degree??
my grades arent that bad??
is it the system??
or, i did something wrong..

While i was mocking and confused
i thought to myself??
why am i still here,
when i sud be there
settle whatever there is to settle??

so, i went..
with Nad..

and.. i get!!!
Animation Programme


So, now,
i wud like to thank

(thank you for supporting me the whole way i was at lost)

Toopet Hidayat
(my precious boo.. i love you.. thank for sticking with.
He had been telling me to stick with my needs.)

People of Earth!!

Food Fetish

lately, i have been eating uncontrollably

(incredible Prosperity Burger)

(ate like 2 of 1/4 chicken with Choco ice-cream, hot coco, with chicken wings)

(a Cajun Ribeye Steak)

Sushi King
(alot of sushi with 2bowls of Tempura Udon)

Thai Food
(Green Curry, TomYam, Soft Shelled Crab)

Home Made Spaghetti

Subway Sandwiches
(very very tempting)

(urghh... i love it)

Big Apple Donuts

Midnight Supper
(this is da worse)

My body is at stake here!!!
i definitely gotta control my diet!!
i find flabs evrywhere..

but, the thing is..
i cant resist good food...
i eat to live but now it seems that i live to eat..
a sinful crime to self...

Yeah, i know,
there's alot of ways to gain good weight and all...
but, i cant help it..
i feel like i cud never eat it (the food) again if i miss this chance..
i need a psychiatrist

i need my mom...

*i especially love Japanese food n also meat*

His Surprises

'kapel ngan awk is a suprise
kiss ngan awk its a suprise
hug awak pon sama
pegang tangan ngan awak pon
ckp i love u ngan awk pon
apa yg cyg cube sampai kan
awk adalah kejutan bg sy'

by taufik hidayat


A Pool Holiday At Home

it was really hot that day and i was doing some cleaning,
and i thought, wudnt it be nice if i get a dip in cool water
then, it snaps me..
yeah.. i cud go for a swim...
but im not really the type to go out n find a pool

so.. yeah...
i went to One Utama and bought a mini pool that fits my balcony..
a pool in my room..
A self made Holiday
and you wont have to budge anywhere...
life is all about creative thinking and solutions...

le pool at the balcony.. with an 'spectacular' view

the water midgets

me in pool with them... lovely...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ameen is 6!!

yo.. yo...
diggidy yo...
My baby Brother Ameen is 6 years old!!

14 December 2003

I love Him

and he loves me back!!


A December Baby



2 words for this movie from me

especially when u watch it in the theater...
on 3d!!

Totally when into another dimension..
a different world full of surprises...

i personally love the glowing jungle...
it was so romantic, calming and different

it is some how abit 'Final Fantasy-ish'
but, hey, what the heck still so cool...

2 thumbs n 2 toes up!!

*and its in blue too!!*

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thank Your For Loving Me

Thank You For Loving Me by Bon Jovi

He dedicated this song to me...


i will always be thankful for Loving You...


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am a born Disney Fan.

I watched and lived in Fantasy made by Disney

especially the Classics...

Mickey Mouse and Friends

The Disney Princesses

Most of my life, i relate it to any of the disney princess
*when i was young,
i always thought im Cinderella when my mom made me clean the my mess*


Other Disney Classics

i love Disney Cartoons
Because, this kind of cartoons
have hidden meaning to me...

Meanings that made me believe,
there will always a great
Happily Ever After
for who ever try their best.

im not being optimistic
or being cute...

but, be positive here,
if you think nothing is a fairytale
and 'Happily Ever After' doesnt exist,
who else wud create that for us,
but not ourselves?

i believe,
thinking 'fairy tale is a child's dream'
then, you're the type of person, to take evrything too serious.

no, no, no

its not wrong to take things seriously..
but, its not right to take it TOO seriously.
Give urself some space
smile and laugh abit...
Think of a positive thought
from there, you are close to your
Happily Ever After.

like Walt Disney said,
"All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them."

Note: i ran out from the topic didnt i?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pocket Size

*Cute as a mouse*

how i wish he could shrink that small so i can put him in my pockets??


Ameen Is A Rally Racer

my bro was so cute at this point..
his legs was too short to hit da clutch..
but he still got it..

too adorable seyhh...


i *chu* u


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nail Biters

I dont really remember when did i started biting my nails...
but as far as i remembered...
i've been at it for years.. since EVER??

i usually bite when im,

(ultra worst)

(long biting, but not bad)

(i nibble till it bleeds)

(usually with the tiny hard skins surrounding the nails)

(without realizing)

So, basically...
its hard for me to have pretty (or even proper) nails.
They are always ugly, bleeding and shredded...
(not to mention super short till u can see the inner nail...)
(and also not to mention the pain a felt after that...)

But now...
with all my guts and self-control..
i'm gonna let loose, and stop biting them!!
i need them to be normal... urghh...

but really...
i am controlling myself not to bite them..

when u're eating and food gets stuck inside the nails??
when u're eating curry, and the color and smell gets stuck in there?
when u're shampooing ur hair, try not to scratch n hurt ur scalp??
worse of all...

urghh... too tempting..

nailbiters are usually interesting people. check them out.. heheh.. *wink wink*

another FYI:
im a biter... BIG TIME.. XD

Friday, December 11, 2009

Receipts Love

again.. thanks abg Shahrul

these random advices really helped me alot!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tissue Love

Messages of Love
Abang Shahrul
(4 years ago)

During this time, i remembered he played the guitar for me and sang a beautiful song while i was crying over my ex-bf...

thanks for ur support abg...


My sis was on the phone with a fren of hers...
was sitting on the ground


guess what came out from her leg partings?

a huge cockroach..


i didnt think it really came from her leg partings...
maybe it was just passing thru
and coincidentally went under..


and now.. she hunting for it..
with a shieldtox, and torchlight,
on the bed...

i used to get scared of cockroaches (even dead ones) .. but not so much anymore... still gross.. but not so much (if they dont attack me) ... maybe, coz i encountered alot of them before...

Sign Board Girl

10 December 2oo9, 11.13pm, Bandar Utama Home

Today, i received a call from my friend, Naddy, offering me a 2 days job being a model for a company...

..and location: KLCC

Naddy is a Sign Board Fan!!

No signboard.. no go..

cant even tell left or right
right? right?
too cute..

and i'm the one,
sitting at the front passenger seat,
giving her direction on left or right...

she even fought over a parking space with another person..
who was real in the wrong..
Real Dare Devil..
and a naive one too...

I made new frens 2day... Lela and Nie... Nice shopping with u guys today!! teehee...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Princess and Her Warrior

No words can describe
her love for The Warrior.

No song can be sung
his love for The Princess.


No tale can tell
their love story
but only themselves.

The black sky was my court
The glowing stars was my witnesses
The moon was my judge

This is a tale of A Princess and Her Warrior

This is OUR tale

The glowing moon reflected his eyes,
making it shine like no tomorrow.
His eyes told me his heart.
His heart that wants to be loved,
and i'm all his..

He smiled as he put his arms around my waist,
whispering words of love,
as his lips curled into a smile..
a smile so tempting..
as it came closer and touched mine gently..

I closed my eyes..
i felt warm in his arm,
as the chilled winds blows my hairs.

I buried my face into his chest.
His smell.. i miss it so much..
His heart beats fast..
i felt it on my cheeks..

The empty spaces between my fingers were filled,
His hands were big, i thought,
making me safe and secured..

It was cute when i saw his face..
blushing red as a plum,
as i pulled him in..
and hold him so tightly,
never wanting to let go..

Standing by the lake,
Just the Princess and her Warrior,
Reunited and Separated again

and the Journey continues...