Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Princess and Her Warrior

No words can describe
her love for The Warrior.

No song can be sung
his love for The Princess.


No tale can tell
their love story
but only themselves.

The black sky was my court
The glowing stars was my witnesses
The moon was my judge

This is a tale of A Princess and Her Warrior

This is OUR tale

The glowing moon reflected his eyes,
making it shine like no tomorrow.
His eyes told me his heart.
His heart that wants to be loved,
and i'm all his..

He smiled as he put his arms around my waist,
whispering words of love,
as his lips curled into a smile..
a smile so tempting..
as it came closer and touched mine gently..

I closed my eyes..
i felt warm in his arm,
as the chilled winds blows my hairs.

I buried my face into his chest.
His smell.. i miss it so much..
His heart beats fast..
i felt it on my cheeks..

The empty spaces between my fingers were filled,
His hands were big, i thought,
making me safe and secured..

It was cute when i saw his face..
blushing red as a plum,
as i pulled him in..
and hold him so tightly,
never wanting to let go..

Standing by the lake,
Just the Princess and her Warrior,
Reunited and Separated again

and the Journey continues...


Topet Hidayat said...

yyg... hehehe.... btul./// the journey continue... never stop... till the very end..... kita mati sesama... hehehe!!


Puteri Nurul said...

a never ending journey.. hhehehe...

mwahh.. gue cinta banget sama lohh... hahah...

love u cyg... chu~