Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Food Fetish

lately, i have been eating uncontrollably

(incredible Prosperity Burger)

(ate like 2 of 1/4 chicken with Choco ice-cream, hot coco, with chicken wings)

(a Cajun Ribeye Steak)

Sushi King
(alot of sushi with 2bowls of Tempura Udon)

Thai Food
(Green Curry, TomYam, Soft Shelled Crab)

Home Made Spaghetti

Subway Sandwiches
(very very tempting)

(urghh... i love it)

Big Apple Donuts

Midnight Supper
(this is da worse)

My body is at stake here!!!
i definitely gotta control my diet!!
i find flabs evrywhere..

but, the thing is..
i cant resist good food...
i eat to live but now it seems that i live to eat..
a sinful crime to self...

Yeah, i know,
there's alot of ways to gain good weight and all...
but, i cant help it..
i feel like i cud never eat it (the food) again if i miss this chance..
i need a psychiatrist

i need my mom...

*i especially love Japanese food n also meat*


Topet Hidayat said...

pandai makan... tp exercise tanak...

naddy said...

mari2..gym sama nd..kasi kicik i2 pewot..tdo lmbt pun penyebab kita sentiasa lapo..huahahahha

Puteri Nurul said...

err.. bkn xnk... tp... nnt sakit... XP