Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Let's Start a Family

I had a short chat with hubby the other night. Goes something like this...

Cayang, can I ask you something
(i would always start our convo with this to make sure he's paying attention)


Do you get jealous sometimes, at friends who has complete (not divorced) parents?

I do.


yeah. do you?

I do. I always wondered what would it be like to have dinner with my ayah and ibu sri, at home, home cooked meals...


I wouldn't call my family (or his) broken. Just not compatible. Some are just so fortunate to feel belong in a family still attached to each other. We didn't get to experience that. I didn't get to experience that my whole life.

but not that I'm fretting over the past.

this got me to realized, we need to love and stick to each other, for the sake of our child(ren).
I wanna be a complete family, forever. I beg for this. I'll fight for this. In syaa Allah...

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

That slight bump

Just wanna record,

4th January 2017

Your dad felt your kicks for the first time. :)
His reaction? "Damn...."

I love you both very much. <3 p="">