Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Out of Glass

Dear future hubby,
             You should know by now that I'm a Disney fan.. and now, so you know...

Can you please get me a pair of these? (sparkly eyes)

with Love,
Puteri Nurul
p.s: delusional much, aint I?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pemimpi 2.0 Photo Memories

Practice The Right Phrases!

Pemimpi 2.0

Over the last weekend, I went to a reunion gathering party held by the Pemimpi people (which are ex students of UiTM Graphic Design, Shah Alam). Though, I'm basically an outcast in the group, but majority of the people are my friends i made along the way from Diploma years to Topet's Degree years. 

I thought that, i left graphic designing a long time ago, and the people there knew each other more than me, i should feel left out of the group somehow. How wrong i was. They are all so welcoming and so much fun. I was announced as Topet's fiancee, but they knew better that i'm more than that to them. I knew them before the event, so things were less awkward. I just go with the flow (and also wouldn't wanna waste the fee that my fiancee paid for me, just to see me bored).

So, as soon as we arrived, we were greeted by the early comers (the event was held in Melaka btw, so we had few separated convoys). There was a small pool there, so as soon as the other boys reached, they hopped in straight away! They were like little rascals in the water. Us women, we were setting up with the kitchen and stuff, and we sure were excited to meet one another, especially my 6 month pregnant bestie!!

Dawn came, and the guys set up the barbecue. The smell of marinated chicken filled the area almost instantly! Oh! And Dya, our very own patisserie, she brought over her famous pavlova, brownies and chocolate fondue fountain, along with everything else sweet! We also had homemade ice cream and watermelons, and I was in charge of tomorrow's sandwiches for breakfast. Feels like summer and camping. Feels like youth. Reliving youth all over again.

We had karaoke sessions, with ALOT of cheering! It doesn't matter if you're singing is bad or good, as long as we all had fun, laughing and singing together. Soon, Topet and Eno hosted a guessing game, where we acted out the words and everybody guess it. It was hilarious! They sure had different actions for different things (like dog, king and tree). True enough, my team lost, and we were punished to sing the UiTM song, but who knew, that it would be so epic, everybody starts joining in and soon, started marching, circling the pool. Its too bad we can't held another game after that since everybody was exhausted from excessive cheering and singing, and being thrown in the pool, LOL.

The rest of the night, we just chilled. There were people who sang karaoke. There were people continued eating. There were people playing mini games among themselves. And there's me, lying on the carpet, outdoors, gazing at the stars and moon, feeling the breeze and singing along to Pijan's guitar tunes. It was heavenly. I was so grateful to attend the event. I was grateful to Eno who had thought of this. Everything was peaceful and nice. Wishing that time would somehow slow down just a little bit for us. Oh well....

Next morning, i woke up to make breakfast, only to witness a massacre scene in the living room! LoL! Its the boys. They sure can sleep just anywhere. Not just that, some of them, still have the energy to go swimming! Or tossing people in the pool! Oh well, they need to shower anyway...

Just before we check out, we had our final group shot (wajib)! I was a bit weary, though. So, as soon as we start convoying in Melaka city, I took a nap. I woke up in the middle of the convoy and they were still discussing where to head for lunch. They even accidentally left Pijan at the gas station all alone! Cruel much! But these are the things that jot the dot in our memories.

After lunch, we head to the desert of Klebang, where we had beautiful photo sessions all together. But it was so hot and dry!! The sand were soft and there's some got into my shoes. So i walked bare footed, but it burns!!! But better than having sand in my shoes though. Just after the scorching heat of the dessert, we had COCONUT SHAKES!! It was so heavenly, i had brain freeze! It was extra tasty when we drink with friends all around. As dusk shadowing the land, we decided to head home.

As we were driving home, we had news that 2 of our friend's car broke down and can't start at all. But since we've gone too far from them, we decided to wait for them at the RnR station. There i took a shower in the public toilet. Even after all that fixing, our friend's car still can't seem to be done. The rest decided to stay and help, and they told us to go ahead home rather than wait for them. Feeling helpless, we head home.

As they all say, in all matters, there's a silver lining. The rest had so much fun hanging out in Melaka still until dawn, and i'm really jealous! We should have turned back, just to see what we can help mentally and be a team about it. pfftt!! And Dya cant seem to get enough about rubbing the fun they had to my face... LOL!! Worse come to worse, they manage to solve their problems, and all is home safely..

I had so much fun writing this post, as i reminisce the good times we had. Reality may be harsh, but being a 'dreamer' makes everything possible. Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to feel energetic and positive! And i wish you all a happy life, until we all meet again soon, for Pemimpi 3.0 perhaps?

p.s: i wasn't invited to Pemimpi 1.0 because i was in Puncak and that was meant for AD students. But now, what the heck! ;p

Sunday, February 9, 2014

What did i do?

Was it something i've said?
Was it something i've done?
Was it about me being close to someone?
Was it about that one time i said you were wrong?

I seriously don't get it...
I won't understand if nobody tells me..
Then again... Sigh...

Why has it come to this?