Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Friday, January 15, 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016

30 Day Challenge (Day 15)

Day 15: In 5 Years

I see myself
with stained hijab, crumpled shirt and jeans, 
carrying a toddler, who's nose of his/her father and eyes like his/her mother.

I see myself
laughing as this toddler waddled his/her way towards my husband,
as he kept cheering for him at a distance.
"tateh tateh"

I see myself
on a rocking chair at home, feeding this child,
while my husband watches his tv show while holding my hand.

I see myself
waking up from wet kisses and laughters from my 2 favourite people,
demanding for breakfast.

I see myself
loved and complete.

I see myself 
with you and our child.
My family.

30 Day Challenge (Day 14)

Day 14: 3 Healthy Habits

Well, not very healthy but yeah, ok?

I go to the gym now.
Making it a routine.
(no, not my new year resolution)
(i signed up way before new year)
(i have my reasons)
(my husband called me fat)

I have a meal routine now.
(though, I kinda messed up on the weekends)
(coz, I'm don't leisurely wake up in the morning)

I practice smiling alot.
(makes me feel wonderful)
(and a whole lot younger)
(best therapy ever)

30 Day Challenge (Day 13)

Day 13: Inside My Fridge

A mess.
That's what inside it.

New Eating Habits (hopefully lasts)

Quaker Oat with fruits.
And herbal tea.

Rice (half portion) with fish/chicken/egg and vege
or anything else (pasta or anything lah)

Occasionally fruits
But most of the time nothing at all.
With herbal tea.

Bihun noodle soup or just soup.

Every day the same, with constant nagging from abang eno.
urgh!! naik jelak dah.

i miss KFC and Nasi Lemak.
i really do.

What a bloke

Yesterday, as my husband and I were driving out to my office, there's this one douche got angry at us in the trafic. He accused my husband playing with his phone and let the car go backward, which is very odd.

My husband apologised and just went off our merry way. It's not like we hit him or anything, i presumed. But my husband said that he may had hit him alil, but more like a touch or a bob. 

To my observation later on, he was following us so very close at the back. I could recognise his purple car. I ask my husband if he was tailing us. Turns out, he was very close to begin with (which probably cause of the bump). And if he's really following us, just to ignore him.

He was really following us! I got scared and annoyed, and until a certain junction, he drove past us, showing us his (unclear) middle finger, and made a U-turn. Well, that went well. I guess he did want to argue, but didn't have the guts to stop us. What a weirdo.

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Only a wife can let her man fart while she's kissing him...

Just, don't push it... 

I love you, cayang... 💏

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Gym Farts

Went to the gym.
Forgot my gym shoe. 

Wanted to go home.
Didn't bring enough cash. 

Sitting idle at the gym.
With flip flops.

Damn it Puteri... Damn it... 

P.s: well, can always use the sauna now.. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


In a conversation and your brain left you hanging?

Happens all the time, especially when it doesn't really caught my interest (but usually pretends to).

Every time! When somebody was talking to me so interestedly about their stuff, surely I'll pay attention, but then, at one point, no matter if the subject was interesting or not, my mind will seem to go wandering off somewhere.. no.. more like NOWHERE.

It's not like those usual brain occupied or was thinking about something random. No. It literally went to space. Blank. Empty. It's like i skipped time and went forward a few minutes. Then felt ultimately guilty about not 'paying attention'. This feels extra weird when that somebody asks me a question about it. But then, DATA NOT FOUND. Shit. What was the question? What were we talking about? Where did I left off?

Oh, dang it Put, you time travelled again, didn't you??

oh. brain farted again.

First Date

To be honest,

My husband and I known each other for so long...

I don't even know when or which was our 1st date?

Oh well, doesn't matter, got married.