Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


In a conversation and your brain left you hanging?

Happens all the time, especially when it doesn't really caught my interest (but usually pretends to).

Every time! When somebody was talking to me so interestedly about their stuff, surely I'll pay attention, but then, at one point, no matter if the subject was interesting or not, my mind will seem to go wandering off somewhere.. no.. more like NOWHERE.

It's not like those usual brain occupied or was thinking about something random. No. It literally went to space. Blank. Empty. It's like i skipped time and went forward a few minutes. Then felt ultimately guilty about not 'paying attention'. This feels extra weird when that somebody asks me a question about it. But then, DATA NOT FOUND. Shit. What was the question? What were we talking about? Where did I left off?

Oh, dang it Put, you time travelled again, didn't you??

oh. brain farted again.

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