Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hijrah of The Heart

I really want to change. In life, love and faith. I do. No buts. I wish to become close to my maker and by that, I'm ready to make a change. I wouldn't say that it's a risk, because changing for the better is always a life guarantee reward. I'm no good girl myself. In fact, I've done many things against my religion. Expressively and secretively. But when I thought of the punishments i could get from hereafter, i trembled and cried, for how I've sinned so bad.

I'm lucky, that little by little, my friends and family exposed to me the world of the Hijrah-ians.. I wish to be guided. I wish to follow. I wish to be sincere about life. I want my future life, family and everything I do to be a blessing. To have peace and serenity.

As told by my friend, the more sincere we are to change, the more tests we are to be put. Not to make us give up on it, but to strengthen the soul, the heart. For Allah will never burden His followers, knowing he can't make it. If I am tested in such ways, I should be honored that Allah believed that I am able to handle the situation. I should be strong about it, not fret and cry.

I want to change. To be better. In syaa Allah...

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Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!