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Monday, January 27, 2014

Doubting my hijabster self

Of course, ever since i wore the hijab, i've start missing the days i was wild (sort of) and free (think so) ... I just love the feel of the wind in my hair and decorating my mane with cute clips and ribbons. But now, i'm using the hijab, i sort of miss my bangs.. no doubt! i love the hijab style and all.. but i was uncovered for so long and sometimes, it feels like a hassle, truthfully...

At times, i feel like taking it off and let loose and care less of what others might say. But i made a vow.

Nonetheless, i asked my fiancee, doesn't he missed me without hijab? He said he does. BUT! He preferred me with the hijab on, because it made me look nicer and sweet (awww). Better than before. And knowing him, he doesn't like to share his girl to anyone (and that's why i was scolded when wearing short skirts before, long ago).

Well, despite the guilty feeling of taking my hijab off, those remarks from my fiancee truly lightens me up. So, i'm keeping it on (of course, didn't even plan to take it off in the 1st place). Besides, i'm not at the age of playing and flirting around anymore. I just want to look pretty for him, and i'm glad he's appreciating me like this.. :)

I found myself a very good man to guide my future.

I know, i should be sincere wearing my hijab for Allah.. I AM.. its just that, i'm not immune from syaitan myself, and don't say that you are (fakers). Every changes in life must have a motivator, and mine, fortunately my family, friends and beloved fiancee. Thank you guys.. :)


Syaza Suraini said...

you'd do just fine, kak fatehah :)
oh and congratulations!
lama x singgah :P

Puteri Nurul said...

Thank you Aja... <3