Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Taufik Hidayat & Puteri Nurul Wedding

It has been a year plus since the wedding, and I finally manage to finish it.
My procrastinating illness is severe.

well, at least it's done now, Alhamdulillah.. :)

Take My Hand (The Wedding Song)
by Emily Hackett ft. Will Anderson

Friday, June 17, 2016


Just had the most polite grabcar driver ever! 

- He invited me to sit at the back (as a passenger) (but i sat infront anyway)

-ultimately soft spoken 

- He said, "omg, you're so polite!" Ok..

- He asked if I was well, coz i was snivelling a little.

- He literally said, "Oh, please take care of yourself."

- He told me to take medications.

- He drove like, fricking slow on a highway!!

- Kept smiling, all the way!

- He started his sentences with "I'm sorry", "thank you", or "oh my god"

- He asked if i was going to work. i said yea. Then, he made this genuinely worried face and said, "Oh my god, please take care of yourself" like I'm going to see a crazy ex boyfriend.

So cute. 😂😂

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Syukur Alhamdulillah

"Perempuan tak reti masak, tak boleh buat bini!"
Syukur jodoh kamu pandai masak.

"Perempuan bangun lambat? Takmo aku kahwin perempuan gitu!"
Syukur jodoh kamu hari-hari bangun awal.

"Eee.. mencarut! Susah kahwin kang!"
Syukur jodoh kamu berbudi bahasa.

"Belajar tinggi-tinggi, last-last jadi duduk dapur gak!"
Syukur jodoh kamu nak jadi surirumah.


Tapi ingatlah kaum Adam.

Nobody's perfect.

Layakkah kamu nak hukum orang begitu? Sedangkan:-

Masih perlu isteri bekerja demi tampung family

Masih solat tak cukup 5 waktu

Masih 'cuci mata' sana sini


Kaji molek-molek.

Suami yang wajib
sediakan rumah buat isteri (maintanence). agama dia sempurna.
sediakan makan minum (masak and hidang). bagi nafkah kepada isteri.

Tapi manusia tak perfect.
Kamu tidak PERFECT.

If we can accept you, flaws and all, why must you judge us?
What goes around comes around.

give and take. Bersyukur dengan apa yang ada.
Insya Allah,

p.s: naik menyampah dengan mentaliti sesetengah orang. jelak.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Choco and Durian..

Hubby's logic: 

Wife is crying, complaining about her life,

Best solution?

Chocolate ice cream..



need i say more, why I love this man?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Things happened

A lot of things happened and I don't feel the need to document my life stories anymore. At least, not at the moment. I simmered down abit. To tell you the truth, it got a little boring right now.
and no...

I'm not talking about my marriage.. duh... That has been super! and private.. hehehe..

I'm talking about my daily life now, with work, chores, family and friends. Things has been a routine to me lately. Been eager for the weekend from week to week, and friends, let's just say, we, they, us, had our own lives now. Some of us catch up on each other, but seldom. Even we, my husband and I, sometimes, don't feel like going out anymore.

I'm abit bored with life now. I even cried to my husband that I wanted to quit my job, cause it's stressing me out, but he needed my support still. I was being selfish. I'm not the type to stay in one job for a long period of time. This is the LONGEST job I've been into. 

I was thinking of going into business. Been taking advices from my friends, and am very excited for it, but, with my job now, I can't find the right time and mind for it. This has been going on for months. But I have yet to give up. Pinterest been a great help to me, too. (wink wink)

Well, enough sad stories. My life isn't that pathetic.

My 3 boys are almost 2 years old now. Everyone who came visit us kept saying they're bigger that regular cats, and by bigger, they mean, FATTER! Hahaha!! Now I'm training them for routine diet, no more free flow kibbles anymore. My bad. But, they look so cute when they're laying around, flat on their backs, exposing their fleshy tummies. It warms my stressful days, everyday.

Also, last month was our FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. Was so excited for months! But, I was sent out by my job that very week. I missed it. :(      But I celebrated it still. Made exclusive dinner (was only meatball bolognese but fancy af) with sparkling juice, watch TV...... and stuff.. That was a nice evening.

Then,... OH!

My baby sister got engaged! Oh yes.. Iqin got engaged. So happy for her. She was pretty in peach, smiling, being nervous and stuff. Ah, I remembered my days.. so naive and sweet.

While she was going around being congratulated at, I, on the other hand, just got chopped, stir fried and served. All the gushes of questions. You know that question... Baby this, baby that... I had to explain over and over again, we're planning after a year of marriage, but since everybody knew it has already been a year, they kicked me out of the event (in the cutest way lahh), tell me to go home and do some 'homework'.. even told me techniques and bazingas. I don't really mind them, but come on la aunty.. not at a gathering... not at my sister's engagement party, of all events! GOLLY!

Been wanting to blog from time to time, but every time I sat down and open the laptop, I don't feel like typing anymore. Probably, all i could think of is my job,  now that it reminds me every time I on a computer. I appreciate my surroundings more, spending time with my hubby, cooking, snuggling time with my boys, extra sleepy time.

Yeah, it's gonna be awhile now... Gotta cook!!

p.s: Malas nk letak gambar.. just go to my insta...

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Haven't been home for 4 days.. Came home to a messy house. I knew my hubby did his best. Instead of pissing off, i cleaned the house happily.

Coz, at that moment, I realized...,

He can't live without me!! Hahahahah!!! 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Rainy Eyes

I just hate it that every time it rains, my body feels the need to take naps.
Like automatically.

Especially when it's day time, in the office.
I would feel annoyingly sleepy, and I can't win!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Home Sweet Home

At last, we shifted home to our own place.
A place to call ours. 

Well, technically we rented, but, a place just you and I (with our 3 cats).
Lovely kan?

Very tiring and spent so much on furnitures and new items. but we managed. 

Home Sweet Home, baby.. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nestum? Nasty!!

Sorry guys,

There isn't anything wrong with Nestum. It's just that, I hate it so much, I can gag just thinking about it.

Although, there are times when I crave for it. But most of the time? NOPE!

You see, when I was alot, lot, lot younger, my dad and I was almost skin and bones. Too small and skinny. My then step mom thought we looked horrid and unwell, so she managed a meal schedule for us. We had full course meals everyday, including the dreaded supper time. 

Let me enhance, that time, i was so skinny, I didn't eat much (as today's gluttony self). Every extra spoonful was a torture.

Back to supper, my mom would fix us both Nestum, every night before bedtime, and I weren't allowed to go to bed until i finish every spoonful! I had it worst when my then stepmom thought i ate too slow, she fed me herself. She'd force me to swallow every bite, up to the point when i had enough, that I'd gag. But the more i gag, the more i was fed. There was no escape!! It was like that every night until my body starts to look healthy again.

But, up to this day, I can't look at Nestum without thinking of it being shoved in my throat. The nightmare...

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

short shorty sighted

My eye sight is getting worse by the year! Siapa anak Aziz ni, memang sejarah rabun kuat! Adik beradik sume berderet pakai glasses. Tunggu yg bongsu je. Most likely because of our addiction or life dedication to electronic screens. But then again, 4 out of 5 of my dad siblings, they all wore glasses.

I hate glasses, such a burden to my nose and so much sight limitations, not to mention the goofy look i got when i wore them with my hijab. urgh!! But i can't get used to contact lenses either. They made my eyes tired and dry, annoys me to my brain. Besides, it's an easier option to wear glasses instead of contacts.

I remembered, my eye sight was bad that i can't read signboards. Now, i can't even see the book right in front of me! It's increased so bad, I'm totally annoyed, I feel like doing lasik surgery. Ni baru naik power jadi 2. The rest of my siblings got their powers up to 7 or 8! I don't know how are they not annoyed. 

I just hope my future children would get their father's perfect eye sight. And eyes. :)