Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Baby's getting bigger, and clothes are getting snugger and tighter.
Need to go shopping!

But is it worth it?
It'll last 2 months plus je..?

*i hate pants now. Need to pee every 30mins... >.<

Friday, February 17, 2017

Braxton Hicks?

Oh man...

Although, I think I had one before a few days ago, but this one made me sick already. It's like having leg cramps, but below your abdominal area. It hurts every 30 to 40 mins...

Hubby thought we should go to the docs, but I thought I needed to do a lil research about it before spending RM50 consultation fee just to know, "IT'S NORMAL".

Apparently, I googled a forum and asked a friend, that it IS normal, and I'm to expect more coming soon. I needed to walk around or lay on my side to ease it, and drink alot of water. Unless it happens for too long or too frequent, with discharges, then, to the docs we go. I still got another 2 weeks before my next doc appointment. So, I'll wait till then.

I stayed home from work today, the exhaustion of bearing the pain made me sleep half day.

I also noted that to bear with this pain in the future, I need to exercise more, because it's only gonna get stronger. Oh boy. What a way to welcome 3rd trimester, right?

But Alhamdulillah, baby movement activity is frequent, so, I assume he's healthy and happy, and just can't wait to come out.

Ibu and Ayah can't wait for you too, sayang. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Dulu cita-cita nak jadi mermaid... at long last, the perfect mermaid tail..
for my most favourite place in the world : The BED!! 

Ayah dan Ibu

My hubby popped the question (?).

"Eh, so, tahun ni, kita boleh celebrate mother's and father's day la kan?"

Yes, cayang.. Yes, we can... :)

*2 more months to go*

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Let's Start a Family

I had a short chat with hubby the other night. Goes something like this...

Cayang, can I ask you something
(i would always start our convo with this to make sure he's paying attention)


Do you get jealous sometimes, at friends who has complete (not divorced) parents?

I do.


yeah. do you?

I do. I always wondered what would it be like to have dinner with my ayah and ibu sri, at home, home cooked meals...


I wouldn't call my family (or his) broken. Just not compatible. Some are just so fortunate to feel belong in a family still attached to each other. We didn't get to experience that. I didn't get to experience that my whole life.

but not that I'm fretting over the past.

this got me to realized, we need to love and stick to each other, for the sake of our child(ren).
I wanna be a complete family, forever. I beg for this. I'll fight for this. In syaa Allah...

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

That slight bump

Just wanna record,

4th January 2017

Your dad felt your kicks for the first time. :)
His reaction? "Damn...."

I love you both very much. <3 p="">

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


My 2 favourite thing to watch is forbidden now by hubster (because of pregnancy)...

Horror movies and pimple popping videos.

what is my life now?



Say I'm selfish and cruel,
Say I'm being disrespectful and ignorant...

Tapi, saya cukup tak suka pujuk orang yang merajuk or sentap tak tentu pasal.

I'm likely unsociable, I really seldom call people just to say hi. It's my semi-introvert attitude, and people closest to me should understand. But, as far as i know, if you want me to entertain you (if you miss me or just feeling lonely), I am more than happy to oblige, because I care.

What pisses me off is when you're just blaming me for not caring. You know what? I'm not a mind reader. We don't have that telepathic communication skill where i can feel that u need me.

You saying that i forget you, or that I never call, why don't you make the effort to call instead of waiting around? Tak susah, kan? But, no. You just have to indulge in your ego, that I have to call you first because I should know that you need me.

It's nice to know that you thought of me at times. I think of you guys, too. Tapi, aduhai.. apa lah salah nya, kamu call saya je? Tak salah apa aihh.. Tak payah la nak sentap merajuk, tak mengaku kawan/famili bagai. It's different if you call me all the time, but I never return call. I didn't call you, and you didn't call me, but I'm the bad one? No fair, ok?

p.s: siapa sentap, just so you know, I sentap too ok... 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Baby Oh~

Yeah yeah.

Been 3 months preggy now...
Just making sure the baby's alright before I announce anything.

So yay us... :)

I found out when we went to Penang for a week holiday with my in-laws when I felt different, moody and uncomfortable. I didn't suspect anything at 1st, but my boobs just started to swell up (as per usual happens whenever I'm getting my period.) Odd thing is, my period was almost a month late, but I just ignore it because my period is sometimes irregular at random months.

ALSO, I get sleepy and tired easily. I slept long hours and often, I felt embarrassed with my in-laws.

Back from Penang, I thought that I should at least try to do the pregnancy test (though I was a bit skeptical since I tried twice before and came out negative.) So, I woke up in the morning and did the test. Being dilly dally, my jaw dropped as the test came out POSITIVE! OMG!!

I showed it to hubster, and he was somewhat excited (yet a little skeptical, but don't blame him, I wasn't so sure as well.). A few days later, we found time to visit the doctor and did a thorough scan. It was the oddest and magical thing. I saw the little peanut. I was POSITIVELY PREGNANT!

(Our 1st scan. 5 weeks)
(my dad stole this picture) (not his fault though)

I did a surprise to my dad and the rest of my siblings on my dad's birthday party. Everybody was overreacting (my sisters cried so bad). They were thrilled with the news.

I also told a few of my good friends the news, especially the mommies. They sent a lot of mommy tips and tricks. Thank goodness for them.

(8 weeks and saw his heart beating)
(Ibu and Ayah are here for you, baby)

Got to admit, it's weird calling ourselves Ibu and Ayah. We still haven't finish adulting yet!!
(I know we're freaking 28, shut up)

(And is where I almost cried)
(12 weeks and going strong)

During the 12 week scan, hubster can't find a parking spot, so I went to the clinic myself. I felt sad for my husband, he missed seeing his baby looking almost human like already. It developed those tiny fingers and toes. It was kicking and floating, all in my womb. It was magical and weird and awesome and scary (but a good type of scary).

Alhamdulillah, I'm glad we got pregnant. Pray for a joyful and blissful pregnancy and may we produce a beautiful offspring. 

p.s: can't wait for the gender!

Coconut Oil

Cayang, help me apply coconut oil on my belly.

Tak nak.. tak suka bau dia..

But I don't want stretch marks on it!

Hubby applies oil on belly unwillingly.

Ni bukan habis 1st trimester ni.. Ni dah 6 semester ni..

* * *

Thanks for the unwanted remarks, Cayang. >.>

p.s: yes, I'm pregnant. :)