Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Fruit Baby... My GodSon

August 30th, 2.50, Bandar Utama Home

When I finished school.. i knew new things out there will be a surprise for me.... Making us nearer to adulthood...
My friends

are able to drive a car

got a job (a proper job)

got married

fly oversea



It felt just like yesterday when we were crying and making vows never to forget each other after school... Being very childish and all...

Eating Ice-creams together

Do our homework

sneak out from our house (heheh)

scolded for sneaking out.. XD

hanging out in the school canteen..

flirting and annoying our guy friends

Doing school projects together...

i can just go on and on, remembering our school memories...
splendid and sweet

Now, Suhaila gave birth to a handsome baby boy... She gave me a God Son... The emotions in me were all mixed with happiness and excitement!! Only God knows the wondrous feeling i felt...

I hold the child as long as i liked
and he was a heavy lil dude

I kissed, sang, talked to the child as he blinked and blinked...
Allah is Great

He gave life from a life itself..

I talked a lot with Ila and her parents.. They say I've been missing for quite sometime... I didn't even attended to Ila's wedding... Well i wasn't invited, i said....

I was quite shocked when Ila said that she did wanted to invite me
she lost her hand phone
and couldn't reach me

Well, what's done is done...

Ila was looking very pale, but still her old self, happy and lively.. i missed her so much!! I just wanted to hold her so much, but i can't... She's too fragile and in so much pain right now..

Her mother is always kind and gentle.. She smiles a lot... I remembered her clearly just as how she is 4years ago...

Her husband was there.. Looked very familiar, but too shy to look closely.. hahaa... Ila said, he was one of out school senior... i don't know?? Can't really recall...

The rest of the family was there and very lively.. heheh..

So, feeling very happy, satisfied and wonderful, i moved on...

Izzudin Akid

the lil dude yawned!! *awww*

Akid maybe small, but he's a HEALTHY boy!!

adorable, isn't he... *kiss kiss*
Looking at him making me feel like wanting a child of my own!!

Good deeds can give you good gifts... <33

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Buka Puasa Buffet with AceMotion Pictures Family

August 29th, 6.04am, Bandar Utama Home

Yesterday, i had Buka Puasa Buffet with the rest of the AceMotion Pictures family.. believe me..

i ate ALOT...

Murtabak.. WITH NO ONIONS!! Just for me...
Roti Jala with Curry
Bihun Goreng
Daging Salai..


HUGE fan for FOOD

Yeah, and i tried to look as fancy as can be.. so.. i tried out things, i never tried before for myself..


check me out!!

me n iQin having great time!!
*wink wink*
ok, maybe i don't look much different than the normal me,
but hye, who's complaining??

feet on earth
showing of our fancy sneakers n flats.. hehehe

beautiful, aren't they?
*blink blink*

Sometimes, eating different food doesn't mean they use different ingredients...

Lagu Kita

Dikala bulan purnama
Kita duduk sama-sama
Mendengar sang bintang bercerita

Di bawah malam biru
Bayu angin bawa laguku
Yang ku nyanyikan hanya untuk mu

Dalam setiap mimpi
Diri mu hadiri
Bersama menari
Mencipta memori

Dikala bulan purnama
Kita duduk sama-sama
Menyanyikan lagu kita


i wrote this somewhere in April....

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Way Home

August 28th, 2.44am, Bandar Utama Home

It was raining in the afternoon, when i decided to go home n visit Ila n her baby tomorrow.

heavy and wet..

I was waiting for The Twins to call me. They promised to fetch me and send me to Medan Gopeng and i managed to catch the 4.30pm bus. I bought myself a bottle of my favourite drink, Green Tea,and few breads so i can break my fast on my way to KL.

I fell asleep all the way to KL, cause i didnt manage to take some shut eyes that night..

I think i got sleeping issues

I woke up in a startle when i felt the emergency break the bus was giving... I thought we reached KL...

But, it was only up to the KTM central...

Kuala Lumpur City looked so beautiful in the orange sunset light with drizzles around...

KLCC looked like a burning tower of diamonds..
I didnt realized our city looked so beautiful until then...
*bling bling*

I called my mom earlier so she can fetch me, but she sent the driver instead... A bit disappointed but, happens all the time...

I reached to PuduRaya earlier than i reported to my maid so i can have some time to buy ticket for this Hari Raya, and i tell you...


later on, i received a call from my maid, saying that they'll be late fetching me... i guess, they didnt realize that.. PuduRaya...

is hell...

there were people staring
with faces as if they're ready to snatch me away
and rob&rape me...

scary as hell...

20minutes later, i received another call and it was dad... He told me that my driver wasn't on the way to pick me up.. but he was on the to pick up the car to pick me up... as if he forgotten...

So, my dad ended up fetching me instead...

i was

but i couldnt say that all to dad..
he's already worried sick in my situation back then...
just let it be lah...

As i reached home, i saw this lil girl... familiar but not familiar enough...

Then, i realized,
it was my mom's bf daughter..
a small 5year old girl..

keep calling me kaklong
and ask so many questions... *kyaaaaa*


I also got alot of beauty products from mom.. and they are not 2nd hands...

Shu uemura
Bobbi Brown

Ok, i know i sounded like a material branded girl overnight *blingy bling*... but hey.. They're gifts.. who wouldnt love these products..

(honestly, im a no brand girl, its just that these thing.. arghhh!! so tempting)

(i just take what's there.. really...)

So, that's about it...

You know.. have you guys ever wonder that,
one day, you're in one place and the next day.. you're in another place??

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

High School Baby

August 27th, 12.09am, UiTM Perak

It was at late 5pm when a friend of mine from high school text me. It was in the exact time when i wasn't feelin to good over a stomachache and nauseousness.. and dozing off...

(unknown number)
"Put, ela dh msuk wad!!! Omg."

Even though its was an unknown number, i know who text me. It was Shazwina (Wina).

So surprised, but unable to reply back due to lack of credits..
A lil disappointed, but, i borrowed CheQin's hp to text her back...


Suhaila, a friend of mine since 2004... A sweet lady...
No wonder she got married early..
Which guy to be dumb enough to let her loose..
hehehe... ( i do know 1peculiar guy.. Teehee.. =D)

Later that night, 9pm, i received another text message...
which almost gave tears to my eyes...

she got a baby boy...
a healthy baby boy...
Praise Allah for this beautiful gift upon her...

So, i'm gonna visit her this Friday.. after 4years of separation since end of high school...


me and ila during high school.. in SMKBU, 2005
my my other dopey classmates.. hehehe...
cheezels.... ;p

imagine the thought of a life giving life to anew.. magical and beautiful...

Hut Of Nature and the 3D Class Tragedy

my magazine design for my hut... pretty cute eh?

here you can see, almost full design of the hut.. im sure you cant even notice my lil oil lamp.. (-.-")

i love this perspective.. it makes me feel so calm n cozy.. for me la... *kyaaa*

that was my 3d gazebo... leave a comment.. if i can fix it or anything? or just gimme a lift up..aite?

My 3d class today was a big mess!!
En. Junid wasn't in a good mood...
what made it worse...

almost everybody came LATE for class...

though, that's a new thing to us...
we have that spoilt attitude (=...=) since ever..
(no.. Puteri.. that's a bad thing..)

Of course!!
a bright student like me..
seldom (not always) comes late...!!

its either you go to class.. or don't come at all??
crystal clear.. *bling bling* (@o@)

ok.. back to the main story...

so, maybe he was hungry or something (since its fasting month..)
he was grumpy this morning...
refused to assess our work..
and gave us a 3hour 3d test... subject : Ramadhan...


but.. it doesn't stop there...

Since our class are the type of 'handing works late no matter what',
they just made things worse..

by handing their work late..
by 1/2 to 1hour... XD

AGAIN... he refused to assess our 3hour work..
and gave us our final project...

class dismissed... *errr??*

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One Chilly Morning

August 25th, 9.15am, UiTM Perak (Major class)

Today, i woke up (kinda) late. The weather today is cold, wet and damp. Showering in the morning is a death sentence to any student who got class in this very chilled morning...

must i repeat myself...


But, like in every other classes, no matter how cold, chilly and wet the morning is...
sleeping dusk is always the best... *wink wink*

So, on my way to class with sleepy eyes n half-awake... *dozing*

Also, as i expected...

The 3dupe Stooges are absent..
why am i not surprised?
(sheesh) *roll eyes* haha!!

The lecturer called-in sick, but he's still available for proceeding... Poor guy...

Everybody seems to be busy with their 3Ds... afraid if there an assessment today...

not even sure myself..

The time seem to moving so slow..
so slow..

To tell you something.. i didn't even touch my Major project..
So does everybody else..


alright.. i'm so bored and i can't think of anything...

there's load of things on my mind though...

continuing my studies (JAPAN... *sob sob*)

my friend's almost birth due date!!

Ameerul going to U.K (leaving me.. *more sobs*)

Dahnia having her Breaking Fast Party

Merdeka Holidays.. (i think i should go back home a while..)

My Hari Raya In Singapore (is there any tickets left?)

Me going home to go to Singapore in the 1st place ( TICKETS!!)

Next month allowance (*grin grin*)

Assignments (can i make it in time? *scratch head*)

Money to buy gifts (*losing ka-chings*) (-.-'')

I told you, i've got loads of things in my mind...

Like the old people saying....

The more you grow, the more responsibilities you're tied to..

i totally agree to that...

~A well beginning, a well ending~

that's a rap... *wink wink*

My Gazebo 3D by a lake

this is not my 1st attempt, but.. here.. my 1st 3D asgmnt... minus all those practices..
aite? comment alil, will ya??

Deja Vu

Your eyes
Passed me
A strong feeling
The feeling as if time has seemed to stopped

That scent
That gesture
I want to hold the stranger, that's you

I can't explain everything i remember towards you
Is somebody there?

Like a dream, i don't know who you are
But i can't let you go
You touch me BABE

I got you in my arms

Like fate, my heart seems to be jumping crazily
Like a sad love story that i'll never achieve
It seems like i've met you
In your eyes where i can see myself

Like fate, my heart seems to explode
It doesn't know that i've been drawn to by you
I only want to have you
In my eyes where i can see you

Just like lies
Breaking the scene
Like a broken puzzle
There's gonna be something sparkling

Like fireworks
A strong shiver
The feeling as if time has seemed to stopped

Your hands
Your smile
Wild excitement
I want to hold the stranger, that's you

This moment will not come again
I can't regret
Is somebody there?

Perhaps you're hesitating for you and me
You touched me BABE!

It seems like my jumping heart is like a fate

It doesn't know that i've been drawn to by you
I only want to have you
The never ending
Deja Vu

Saturday, August 22, 2009


memories of mine

me being normal enough

me best best best best friend (CheQin!!)

my best best best best girl friend (still cheQin!!)

my best best best best close friend (taadaa!! CheQin!!)

my roomates!!

An Almost Over UniLife

August 22nd, 3.46am, UiTM Perak

A UniLife, short for university life.
Some say,
it's the end of the happy child life,

while most people say,
it's only the beginning of something great

and only a handful say,
it's a life between childhood and adulthood.

so which really is it?

In my experience in these past 2years++, i experienced many things in many situation. Multiple feelings, feeling that i never thought of before, but only from books and stories...












Too many emotion felt, till become so numb...
too much lies

too much truth

A UniLife can lift you confidently

A UniLife can destroy you good

There are many people that are destined to meet up with you
and there are equally as much people who want to see you fall.

things you'll remember
things you want to remember

things you'll forget
things you want to forget

things that are better left alone...

A popular subject in a UniLife that everybody hope for :--------



Lost love
True love
Losing love
Owned love

mere illusions
mere lies

there's so much ache

coz, i lost mine...


they take you by the hand

push you on a cliff
pull you to the sky

it's hard to know
they take action


easy to put this in

you gain it in
you profit it out

then, you'll understand what you're gaining from your profits...

(i actually have many things yet to mention.. but, it's real late...

Selamat Bersahur and Selamat Berpuasa)

Friday, August 21, 2009

the starter

August 21st, 4.13am, UiTM Perak

hye, after many persuasions from my sis, i decided to blog for my own good.. this is the first blog im typing, so, here goes...

i started to finally made up my mind to blog after i scrolled out in my friends facebook, and i had this odd envious feelings when i see my many of my friends from high school still contact and hangout with each other.. making me feel like,

hye? i'm your friend too?
why wont you guys call me n ask me to hang out?

then, i realize, few years ago, they did..
but i always ended up turning them down..
the excuse was...

im sorry, i'm still in Perak
im sorry, i got family issues
but mostly,
im sorry, no money...

im not sure if it was my fault, but, as a normal human being with feeling, they eventually get the idea... possibly, the wrong idea...

its not that i dont wanna hang out with them, its just that, i, sometimes, get caught up with things... but im not sure what now....


maybe, when we were friends in high school, im the type of person who just stick to anybody at anytime.. so, i dont really have a proper close friends..

what can i do about it?
i love making friends and hearing their stories...

so, as a result.. they stick to their group of friend, n i've got none...

i didnt even know that my friend who sat beside me in class
for 2years.............. GOT MARRIED???

(im so sorry ila)

my bestfriends at home :


you guys are the best friends i ever got..
even though, most of the time, you guys have the oddest ways of showing your love..
who are you guys if you're not yourselves...

Ameerul : will be leaving me for U.K (i'll miss u man!!)

Dahnia : busy with her studies, but she's not that far.. hehe

Lokman : will be busy with his degree, and wont have time for me anymore.. (as usual lah)

my bestfriends at college :


always there for me to
catch my tears
hold my fears
and feel my joy
eventhough, i always bring you guys trouble
thanks for coping with me
all this while..
just cope with me a lil bit longer eh?
i love u guys...

my bestfriends at home :

my all time

Fitri Hailisya
Ayu Hazuwin

you pipsQueks are my joy in life
my most beloved
from the bottom of my heart..
(i think im going to cry.. uhuhhu)

you guys are on my list

i am a very person with very few emotions, but once i got them, i go all out..
once i say i love you people, i really meant it.
coz, there no use saying it if you dont mean it..

well... by the end of the day, we have to give and take.. you cant take them all, you cant give them all... its the way of life...