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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hut Of Nature and the 3D Class Tragedy

my magazine design for my hut... pretty cute eh?

here you can see, almost full design of the hut.. im sure you cant even notice my lil oil lamp.. (-.-")

i love this perspective.. it makes me feel so calm n cozy.. for me la... *kyaaa*

that was my 3d gazebo... leave a comment.. if i can fix it or anything? or just gimme a lift up..aite?

My 3d class today was a big mess!!
En. Junid wasn't in a good mood...
what made it worse...

almost everybody came LATE for class...

though, that's a new thing to us...
we have that spoilt attitude (=...=) since ever..
(no.. Puteri.. that's a bad thing..)

Of course!!
a bright student like me..
seldom (not always) comes late...!!

its either you go to class.. or don't come at all??
crystal clear.. *bling bling* (@o@)

ok.. back to the main story...

so, maybe he was hungry or something (since its fasting month..)
he was grumpy this morning...
refused to assess our work..
and gave us a 3hour 3d test... subject : Ramadhan...


but.. it doesn't stop there...

Since our class are the type of 'handing works late no matter what',
they just made things worse..

by handing their work late..
by 1/2 to 1hour... XD

AGAIN... he refused to assess our 3hour work..
and gave us our final project...

class dismissed... *errr??*

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