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Friday, August 28, 2009

My Way Home

August 28th, 2.44am, Bandar Utama Home

It was raining in the afternoon, when i decided to go home n visit Ila n her baby tomorrow.

heavy and wet..

I was waiting for The Twins to call me. They promised to fetch me and send me to Medan Gopeng and i managed to catch the 4.30pm bus. I bought myself a bottle of my favourite drink, Green Tea,and few breads so i can break my fast on my way to KL.

I fell asleep all the way to KL, cause i didnt manage to take some shut eyes that night..

I think i got sleeping issues

I woke up in a startle when i felt the emergency break the bus was giving... I thought we reached KL...

But, it was only up to the KTM central...

Kuala Lumpur City looked so beautiful in the orange sunset light with drizzles around...

KLCC looked like a burning tower of diamonds..
I didnt realized our city looked so beautiful until then...
*bling bling*

I called my mom earlier so she can fetch me, but she sent the driver instead... A bit disappointed but, happens all the time...

I reached to PuduRaya earlier than i reported to my maid so i can have some time to buy ticket for this Hari Raya, and i tell you...


later on, i received a call from my maid, saying that they'll be late fetching me... i guess, they didnt realize that.. PuduRaya...

is hell...

there were people staring
with faces as if they're ready to snatch me away
and rob&rape me...

scary as hell...

20minutes later, i received another call and it was dad... He told me that my driver wasn't on the way to pick me up.. but he was on the to pick up the car to pick me up... as if he forgotten...

So, my dad ended up fetching me instead...

i was

but i couldnt say that all to dad..
he's already worried sick in my situation back then...
just let it be lah...

As i reached home, i saw this lil girl... familiar but not familiar enough...

Then, i realized,
it was my mom's bf daughter..
a small 5year old girl..

keep calling me kaklong
and ask so many questions... *kyaaaaa*


I also got alot of beauty products from mom.. and they are not 2nd hands...

Shu uemura
Bobbi Brown

Ok, i know i sounded like a material branded girl overnight *blingy bling*... but hey.. They're gifts.. who wouldnt love these products..

(honestly, im a no brand girl, its just that these thing.. arghhh!! so tempting)

(i just take what's there.. really...)

So, that's about it...

You know.. have you guys ever wonder that,
one day, you're in one place and the next day.. you're in another place??


Nor Shazwina Shahnaz said...

nak nak nak beauty products gak!! bole tak? hehe

Puteri Nurul said...

bkn xmau bg.. tapi...... emmm.. ennnmmm.. arrr?????