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Friday, August 21, 2009

the starter

August 21st, 4.13am, UiTM Perak

hye, after many persuasions from my sis, i decided to blog for my own good.. this is the first blog im typing, so, here goes...

i started to finally made up my mind to blog after i scrolled out in my friends facebook, and i had this odd envious feelings when i see my many of my friends from high school still contact and hangout with each other.. making me feel like,

hye? i'm your friend too?
why wont you guys call me n ask me to hang out?

then, i realize, few years ago, they did..
but i always ended up turning them down..
the excuse was...

im sorry, i'm still in Perak
im sorry, i got family issues
but mostly,
im sorry, no money...

im not sure if it was my fault, but, as a normal human being with feeling, they eventually get the idea... possibly, the wrong idea...

its not that i dont wanna hang out with them, its just that, i, sometimes, get caught up with things... but im not sure what now....


maybe, when we were friends in high school, im the type of person who just stick to anybody at anytime.. so, i dont really have a proper close friends..

what can i do about it?
i love making friends and hearing their stories...

so, as a result.. they stick to their group of friend, n i've got none...

i didnt even know that my friend who sat beside me in class
for 2years.............. GOT MARRIED???

(im so sorry ila)

my bestfriends at home :


you guys are the best friends i ever got..
even though, most of the time, you guys have the oddest ways of showing your love..
who are you guys if you're not yourselves...

Ameerul : will be leaving me for U.K (i'll miss u man!!)

Dahnia : busy with her studies, but she's not that far.. hehe

Lokman : will be busy with his degree, and wont have time for me anymore.. (as usual lah)

my bestfriends at college :


always there for me to
catch my tears
hold my fears
and feel my joy
eventhough, i always bring you guys trouble
thanks for coping with me
all this while..
just cope with me a lil bit longer eh?
i love u guys...

my bestfriends at home :

my all time

Fitri Hailisya
Ayu Hazuwin

you pipsQueks are my joy in life
my most beloved
from the bottom of my heart..
(i think im going to cry.. uhuhhu)

you guys are on my list

i am a very person with very few emotions, but once i got them, i go all out..
once i say i love you people, i really meant it.
coz, there no use saying it if you dont mean it..

well... by the end of the day, we have to give and take.. you cant take them all, you cant give them all... its the way of life...

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