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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunny Ma Bunny No More~

Because of my tight schedule for work and personal playtime, I neglected my rebound love many times.. Im so sorry love...

Now, he's not with us anymore.....

 CHILL!! He's not dead yet!

My dad took pity of our situation, he gave my bunny to my aunt, thus making her, his new owner. I had to agree. Sunny isn't compatible with a grassless condo life with me. He deserve the sun, grass and a family attention, all which my aunt and her family can provide.

He is now happier his new family, which is the best for him. I miss him though. I heard he got new BFFs, a bunch of cats my aunt took care of. He even got a new name, Totoro (my cousin named him that.)

I know you're just a bunny and will never understand this, but you've been a special emotional aid to me all this while.. You heard my woes, saw my tears and laughter, my affections and everything. I'll miss those moments when we would sit together, side by side, on the darkest nights. You would some times run around and nibble me everywhere. I would snuggle you and you would just sit there, snuffling.. And when you're excited, you would run around so fast, then lay under a tree shade when you're tired. That's the cutest! You would get mad after I smothered my face on you until you got uncomfortable. You would just thump you feet so loud! Haha! Annoyed much? These scars you gave me, will always make me remember you by~

There's so much more... But the best is when you would kiss me all over my hands and chin when you missed me... You are such a puppy sometimes..

I miss you Sunny (now Totoro)

You are truly the sunniest part of my life. Thank you for everything. Will visit you soon ok?

my big baby boy~

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