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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Graffiti Competition

Port Dickson
9 to 5
(drive to PD at 5am!!)
PD Bandar Tentera Darat
 8 out of 13 competitors...
(not bad.. for 1st timers... ;p)

for the 1st time in OUR lives,
we actually joined a Graffiti competition,
without ANY graffiti basics....
not even how to use spray cans... (other than clear spray lah!)

but we sure had DAMN LOTSA FUN!!
(despite the heavy rain n all... ;p)

we actually had very little confidence to win this thing,
but we all just enter for the sake of experiencing it...
and the experience, PRICELESS

Thank You
Miss Hajar
Leo Shark
Abg Lan (UiTM Driver)

it was wonderful being able to do this with uollzz... ;p

p.s: we didnt get to swim at the beach.. :(

p.s.s: ... but we had SATAY!! <3

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