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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Life is About Living

busy busy busy
with lots of activities..

my Tuesdays n Thursdays are the most hectic ones...
classes from MORNING TO NIGHT...
but, so far, all fun classes..

this semester, i think i hv the oddest  classes... heheh
Music class, 
Acting class, 
Malay culture class 
(where i'll learn about malay arts like Mak Yong and Zapin and lotsa others).

basic animation classes such as drawing n 2d animations are ok too..

within my 1st 3weeks
alot of things happened,
good bad pleasant worst..
yada yada..

also, wanna tell you that,
im a happy changed person
cause im able to wake up in the MORNING (abit la)

arr... Puncak Perdana has gotten chillier than ever since i stayed in this rented house,
so, showering in the morning is just TORTURE!!!

Sunny is more friendlier and tamed and lovable (>,<)
he's getting fat too!!! hahhaa

this semester, i wanna get more involved with my faculty (i think)
and, thinking of looking for a parttime job (dont go against me!! i know you will!)

i wanna start my random life!!
for a better living.. :)

*life is a gamble.. no? hahahah*


Qaddafi said...

gamble gamble!!!

nazreena nadia said...

the shirt ! i ada . blck one ;)

Puteri Nurul said...

daffi: judi!! judi!! hahahha!!

nadi: hehehe... tgk la pengedar spe ek... hahahah!!!