Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am

who am i?

muslim. malay. javanese. malaysian. selangorian. woman. sister. daughter. lover. fighter. student. storyteller. artist. facebook addicter. food lover. libra-ian. october baby. dragon year woman. a mother's child. independent. neutral. full of emotions. sensitive. happy-go-lucky. positive. a friend. never an enemy. cute lover. vain. smiler. fat, and happy with that. simple. confusing. curious. animal lover. internet addicter. blogger. karaoke-ian. bad dancer, but still dance anyway. onion hater. sleeper. coldness hater. beauty lover. environmentalist. cartoonist. anime lover. comedy lover. laugher. walker. adventurer. dreamer. fantasy believer. chatter. random-mer. crybaby. low profiler. egoist. stubborn. bitchy. cute. confident. strong hearted. not a very patient person. silly. good person. honest. liar. naive. stand for what i believe. non-arguer. compromiser. child at heart. swimmer. romantic. classic music listener. acoustic listener. comic collector. weirdo. shy person. tanned skinned. forgetful person. senile. clumsy. colour lover. cartoon lover. violent. biter. evil in disguise. not a sport goer. exercise hater. worker. fierce. easily annoyed. not a very good commenter. bad eye sights. believe in true love. flexible. hate cockroaches. hate absurd people. lazy person. quickly get excited. weak body. forgiver.


dehaq said...

that sums up everything isn't it? haha. nice to meet you dear stranger. (shake hand) :)

Puteri Nurul said...

*shake shake*

nice nice... huhuh.. ;p