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Friday, July 15, 2011

Delivery Havoc

Taufik and i went to Johor 2days ago,
delivering goods to my mom frm Singapore..

but the real story started yesterday,
when we were on our way home.

right in the middle of a free highway,
with LOADS of ENORMOUS TRUCKS passes by,
our car broke down...

confirmed case,

belt bearing missing
belting to snap
tank to bust (due to overheating)

evrything was a new experience,
having car broke down,
being pulled by another car,
being towed (most awkward riding experience),
and being in a mechanic workshop (as a customer)

*see that annoyed face.. hahahah*

but its all good at the end, i guess,
considering we did arrive home safely after that...

and we had Pizza... ;p

p.s: evrybody felt bad that he missed his job interview... im sorry!!! >,<

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