Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Monday, July 11, 2011


lately, in this lovely country of mine...
there was a riot... with the same cause, over and over again...


hmm? why ah?
we go to the same mix race high school (for everybody),
yet nobody is even considering being sensitive about race and religion?

you go school..
during Agama/Moral class, you ponteng ka??
donno about respecting others?
about sensitivity? unity? friendship? loyalty?

what good will these bickering bring?
for money? status? power?
what about simple things as,
bring love and joy? peace?

you think WAR FOR PEACE is it?

you elderly people said that we're young, dont understand anything.
well, isnt that good? that we dont think as complicating as you guys do?


power-hungry yek?? pity...

i dont take any side... i HATE politics nowadays....
all so senseless...


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