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Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Personal Adventure ;)

when i was younger, i always loved animes and videogames...
and i see da world so differently, i cant decide which was reality or fantasy..

when i was forced to run the cross country race... i imagined that i was in one of that digimon movies where i have to overcome a challenge to save the world from being consumed by the dark side.

when i was told to walk to school (my house was damn far).. i imagined that i was in a kingdom hearts game and whenever in out of HP (health point), i'll stopped at a drug store (which was really 7-11) and bought myself some High Potion (which was really Jumbo Slurpee)..

and also,
there was a time imagine my mom a MasterBeast (sorry ibu) whenever i tried to finish what i started... i had to compete the beast in order to go to da next level.. (but i usually fail)....

so, as i grew up, all these fantasy seem to fade away..
i sure miss my fantasy days, when nothing seems to be a burden...

right now, im starting to gain back all those thoughts and feeling...

and my adventure will again

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