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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dream about Zombies

i had a weird dream about zombies last night..
and it goes something like this...

I was one of the few humans who survived Zombie-disease, which kill you n revive you again, but with rotting bodies... 

adopted by a family of zombies, whom i think didnt realize i wasnt one of them, i was asked to accompany 2 little zombie boys (supposedly my brothers) to buy some apples. so i went out, in the middle of the night, with the streets half busy (zombies cant stand the sun.. they'll dehydrate fast).

so, by accompanying them, i learned that, good is bad and bad is good... evrything about this world is upside down. like..
  • work at night, sleep during days
  • rules are bad, breaking them is good 
  • fresh is bad, rotten is good

get the picture?

so in this case, 2 of my "brothers" were choosing apples and one was like...
"hmm... this apple is half bad... i want the most rotten ones..."

and the other "brother" was like...

so, while "brother" 1 was choosing regardlessly, my other "brother" was like, being wishy washy, as if he wanted to get a good fresh apple instead.. but to avoid being teased, he took the rotten one still.

but when he took a bite, he was like... squishing his face of disliking but uttered the other,
"emm.. good."

so i turned around and rummaged the apple basket and found a sort of fresh looking pear. the seller said that, that's a bad buy, but i just bought it anyway, and gave it to my other "brother".

he took a bite and was mesmerized by the taste and said, "sweet".

and we all went home happily...

i dunno what's the point of the dream... but... its one of the dream i remembered... so yeah... ;p

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