Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Monday, March 21, 2011

i want to give hope

Recent earthquakes in
Japan n Pakistan

War in
Libya n Egypt

Forever hungry children in

All trouble in
all over the world
past, present, future

i hurts my heart to see people love ones dying and at major loss.
and im just freaking sitting here comfortably,
yapping about how stupid 3Ds software is (but it's stil stupid),
and how hurtful my body condition now,
and how unmanagable my life is...

whereas out there,
people are dying from coldness,
children are dying from hunger,
teenagers of my age shot by soldiers,
babies crushed by falling bricks,
pets and animals being ignored.

im so ashamed of myself...
of how ignorant and selfish i am..
to still complain about life 
when others out there are at their worst.

i wish to help...
more than praying..

i want to WILL donate more
i want to WILL volunteer
i want to WILL give hope
and see bright faces
 as my contributions can help save more people and animals...

there's no time for racism, culturism (such word meh??), or whatever.
we're all living beings on earths.

let us all help.
give hand
give hope
give chance to better life

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